Assemblée nationale : Arvin Boolell compte s’excuser bien qu’il maintienne n’avoir pas fauté

Il maintient n’avoir pas fauté à l’Assemblée nationale. Mais il présentera quand même ses excuses au Speaker Sooroojdev Phokeer. Ce dernier ne lui a pas vraiment laissé de choix. Soit il s’excuse soit il accepte son expulsion jusqu’à la fin de la présente session parlementaire qui peut durer jusqu’aux prochaines élections.

“I will tender apologies if it’s the price to pay for righteousness. The video footage of the incident that took place in Parliament at the sitting of last Tuesday is tangible evidence that the fault lies entirely with the Speaker. I am a representative of the people and the loud speaker can shout as much as he wants but we will not put up. What is legal is not always legitimate?”. C’est ce qu’a écrit le chef de file du PTr au Parlement.

Arvin Boolell rappelle que “neither Parliament nor the Executive is the ownership of MSM and it’s errand boys. The battle can be uphill but it is never a battle in vain. The Labour Party in Opposition will be incisive and decisive. No retreat and I can live with as many “I order you out “ It is inside the House that punches of ideas have to be thrown. We shall overcome. It is not a crony of the political arm of the Executive who will stop us. Parliament is Supreme. I will keep coming back”, réplique-t-il.