By Raj Paneken

  Recently «dans le Grand Journal de Radio Plus» Ajay Guness, the  general secretary of the MMM said that the country needs his Party to save it and added that for the elections 2019/20, it would be desirable if there is a three-cornered battle, each party facing the polls alone. I think Ajay Guness, like his leader talks only for the gallery. It seems that they are totally cut off from the reality. Political parties like the PMSD and the MMM― and I weigh my words, have always been political wagons and they will always be so if we take into account the structure of their party and their leaders vis-à-vis the rural electorate which usually decides the outcome of the elections. These two parties have always hooked up their wagons to a locomotive and they are condemned to do it if they want some of their candidates to be elected. Never in my wildest dream can I picture the PMSD with Xavier Duval win the polls and the latter as PM of the country.

If Paul Bérenger has made history as the PM of the country, it is thanks to Sir Anerood Jugnauth who shared his primeministership (2000-2005) with him. He and his party should be thankful to Sir Anerood for this. Alone Bérenger would have never become the PM of the country. Unfortunately for him, he was born in a different community. Idem for the PMSD of Xavier Duval. They can claim to be the greatest party of the day and they will face the polls alone, and they will be in the driving seat as the next PM of the country. This is their dream. Dreaming is simply a part of the living process.

I cannot understand how people can distance themselves from the reality. These two parties have never had any stronghold in the rural areas par rapport to that of MSM and the Labour Party whose electorate is mostly rural. We all know the force of these two parties (MMM/PMSD) in the rural areas with their leaders positioning themselves as prime minister. They can say whatever they want, but we know, except they who are kidding themselves, that they don’t stand the ghost of a chance of winning a general elections alone, and still less positioning themselves as PM of the country. It is an acknowledged fact that it is the rural area which makes the polls, and the MMM and the PMSD do not carry weight with the rural electorate. In a four-cornered battle the contest will be mostly between the Labour Party and the MSM because of their strongholds in rural areas while the PMSD and the MMM will be just on-lookers.

For the General Elections 2019/20, the electoral fray will be fought mostly between the two rural parties, namely the MSM and the Labour Party because they are locomotives, not between the two wagons MMM and the PMSD. The underlying reason is that both MMM with Bérenger and PMSD with Xavier Duval are not the pulling power with the rural electorate.

What will be the fate of Paul and Xavier between Pravind and Navin along with the helping hands of the socio-cultural organisations? They will make a mince-meat of them and their parties. They don’t stand any earthly chance between the two hindu leaders. This is the reality! It would be hypocritical on our part if we distance ourselves from that reality. That mindset that the prime minister should emerge from the majority is still prevalent in the country, and it will be so for years to come. We shall have to live with it and take it for granted like bad weather.

An Alliance (MMM/MSM) 2019/20 Is Simply Unbeatable

The country is definitely doing well, «seulement les adversaires qui diront le contraire.» With an economic recovery, full employment along with an effective law and order, there is no doubt that the government will face the polls with serenity at the end of its mandate. With a positive track record, a renewable of the government’s mandate is inevitable. You don’t change a government which is delivering the goods, but you can inject new blood into it to add to its capacity. With the MMM on board, an alliance (MMM/MSM) will simply be unbeatable for the elections 2019/20. Another 60-0 is in the offing!

The country has always made tremendous strides under the leadership of the MSM. Just imagine where we would have been today if the country had been in the hands of the MSM during the 14 years the county had been in the grip of the Labour Party. Under the visionary leadership of the MSM, the country could have earned the nickname of «The Singapore of the Indian Ocean» But unfortunately! But with the MMM on board in 2019/20 that dream will no doubt materialize.

Therefore, I would advise Bérenger and his party to hook up their wagons to the right locomotive.