Not with standing that the General Election is three years away from now, political parties have already started their campaigning exercise around the country. This time, it may have escaped the notice of many people, how different ways and methods of political campaign have been devised by some politicians and their activists. Money and food are being squandered to private clubs, religious bodies, and commercial institutions by these few politicians to fuel an early campaign. Several private meetings are being held. Some politicians are at it again, trying to either market their political party or for selfish reasons just market their own images

In the Mauritian context, it is a common belief that it is very difficult for a political party to win a General Election alone without taking on board another main party. The leader of the MMM says that his party will go alone for the next General Election ,without any other main political parties such as the Labour party and the MSM. I believe that Berenger is just saying this for the gallery. Does he not intend to ally his party in the near future with the MSM, provided the latter gives him certain political reassurance? And I presume this is what he is looking for !

On the other hand, the leader of the labour party is very optimistic to win the next General Election and he is keeping both the MMM and the MSM at bay. Ramgoolam will only talk of alliance if he feels that there is danger ahead that will affect his party. Ramgoolam is attempting to revive the Labour party as well as trying to resurrect himself from some allegations by making the electorate believe that only Labour party could save this country from this government. Let’s wait and see as THIS WILL BE A TEST CASE FOR HIM !

In Mauritius people are too reserved and very conservative in their approach. Labour party is traditionally part of their contemporary lives, so they tend to accept it. In the same way the MSM has created an impact on their lives for quite sometimes now. So they bear the MSM in mind as an alternative to the Labour party or vice versa.

Dr Ramgoolam is trying hard to get on top of his political activities after his catalogue of scandals recorded against him. Here is a man who thinks that he has got the winning formula and enough ammunition to fight the next General Election even if he is involved in many court cases which most of such cases  has been struck off the list by the DPP. This government has made him a sort of ‘political martyr’ and today he is crediting such political dividends.

Prices are skyrocketing in shops and supermarkets; the poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer; unemployment has reached nearly 49,000,( inclusive 5000 graduates); corruption is high in Mauritius, our health service is gradually declining, factories are closing down, and Ramgoolam is banking on the economic factors affecting the people to draw a political gain. Come what may, if Labour returns to power, one wonders whether or not it would be a Labour government by default .

The MSM is a competent and workaholic party but sadly it has already been badly dented by one or two of its MPs within his party as well as his other small allied political parties.  According to many political observers these small allied political parties bear no impact on neither the MSM nor on the nation as a whole. My analysis compels me to say that the MSM needs to do lots of efforts on the ground and his leader has got to get rid of certain lame ducks in his party who are not delivering the goods. A  Cabinet reshuffle is a necessity !

On the other hand, we note that Duval is consolidating his PMSD and that there is a strong perception that he has got a hidden agenda in his political strategy. Does he want to become a crowd puller and fight a general election alone ? Or is he preparing himself to be a future Prime Minister in few year’s time?  Besides, whenever there are social gatherings such as festival of all kinds, sega competitions, musical activities, fashion shows as well as beauty competitions Xavier Duval always marks his presence  and never misses such opportunity, a clean strategy to become a crowd puller.

It is very difficult, therefore, for a single party to win a General Election in Mauritius. Alliances are bound to occur at the approach of the next General Election but who will ally with whom remains to be seen. Only time will tell !


                                                                                       AHMAD MACKY