Hacks and Hats

We hear and fear about Hacking a lot and maybe, many of us have been victims of this.

Well, many of us would be curious to know: what is hacking, why and how they do it? How can we prevent from it?

Before we go into details, we should know that hacking history starts in 1900 , with an interruption into phone line, machine, computer, intranet, internet connections are all parts of its history!

Hackers Impact Team broke into the Avid Life Media servers and copied the personal data of 37 million Ashley Madison users and made it public, which led many users to suicide.

Gary McKinnon, LulzSec, Adrian Lamo, Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce are few of top hackers in the world, since its illegal activity, there are many cases of arrest and prison to such hackers.

Hacking is gaining access to a system or network illegally e.g., one gets access to your data, photos, bank details or contact list in your phone and person who does this job while seeking and exploiting weaknesses in a Cell phone operating system, computer system or network is called HACKER.

Hackers do it for fun, for achievement, to show off, to steal certain data, and at times are paid to do so. Big companies hire them to find flaws in their systems or networks. They might also do as a revenge or tit for tat situation.

Hackers use different methods to hack.

Keylogger is one of them, using a software or hardware, they can record even keystrokes, this is why many Sites ask you to use virtual keyboard using mouse to prevent this type of hacking.

Waterwhole attack is another very famous technique, hacker does so by creating fake WIFI and as soon you connect, your data get stolen.

Eavesdropping or Passive Attack is type of hacking ,mostly used by agencies or govt. officials to record and know your activities, it doesn’t harm your Phone, system or network but your internet activities are being observed and such Hackers are known as Black Hat Hackers.

Phishing is another method, a Fake website is waiting for you to login and upon login, can access your data.

Clickjacking, CookieTheft and Trojan or Virus are also part of hacking world.

To prevent from all such attacks, keep your system or cell updated, use firewalls and Anti-Virus, always make sure you are on right website, Make sure your website starts from https:// (s) stands for secure.Keep changing Passwords time to time, clear coockies of your system regulary and Don’t click or share webpages sent to you in Sms or email by unknown person or links with catchy advertisement like, you won lottery, Get free jet etc. Avoid connecting to public places Internet (WIFI or WAP).

Now, let’s have a look on Hackers, Hackers are of different types according to their jobs, intentions and methods, thus fall in one of categories below:

  1. Script Kiddie
  2. White hat
  3. Grey hat
  4. Green Hat
  5. Blue Hat
  6. Red Hat
  7. Black Hat
  • Muhammad Umar