[L.E] Gaza another gas chamber : Two billion Muslims in the world yet …………..

In every corner of the world Muslims are facing problems, either with external forces or with their own governments. It is very sad to note that being one third of this planet we still suffer oppression from other people. Massacre perpetrated by non Muslims account from Kashmir to Burma, from Afghanistan to Israel, from Bosnia to Kosovo and not to mention the fratricide war among the ummah which takes heavy death toll every day.

Western countries are not fool to wage war with their own counterparts because they pretty know the outcome which implicate financial loss as well as human lives. Back to history there were many wars among the European countries. Since the Battle of Hastings by William, the Conqueror many other battles took place in Europe. In the 14th century Edward the Black Prince had devastated France. In the fifteen century great battle known as the Spanish Armada took place between England and Spain in which the Spanish Armada was heavily destroyed. Frequent battles were occurring between France and UK. Even in Mauritius the Battle of 1810 at Grand Port went in favour of the British government.

After the Second World War, the western has understood that war is disastrous in all its aspects. In this context Countries the European Union was set up recently for economic and trade reasons. There are 27 European countries which form part of this organization. Differences may arise but they have a motto ‘unity in diversity’ which keep them united. To protect themselves they created the NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization for military alliance consisting of thirty countries.

 Muslim organizations like the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is the second largest inter- government organization after the UN with the membership of 57 states, covering 4 continents seems to be much powerful if well organized.  The OIC is the collective voice of the Muslim World to ensure and safeguard their interest on economic socio and political areas. Since they are not bound by military alliance their voices go unnoticed.

You imagine 57 countries have subdued before a small country like Israel. The reasons reside in the fact that since 1948 the Arabs have slept on their laurels while with the blessings of the USA Israel grew stronger and stronger. The OIC must reorganize itself in forming a military alliance so as to keep the Muslims alert of potential danger. Condemnation and talks are futile. Resolutions are passed at UNO but vetoed soon due to partisanship. Two million Muslims must stand on their own feet now.

Russia flew to rescue Assad in quelling civil war in Syria. They have killed 200, 000 Syrians mercilessly. Assad is their blue-eyed boy and cramp up military actions to turn the country into dust and rubbles. Where is Russia now, Palestinians are in dire need of help. Raise your voice blatantly at the UNO. Killing Muslims have become a pleasure for terrorists.

The sad story is that some Muslim countries are still normalizing their relations with Israel which is subjugating the lands and wealth of the Palestinians. Those supporting the Zionists are overwhelmed by excessive fanaticism or for self interest. Gaza is turned into another gas chamber.

The provocation by Israel has forced the Hamas to attack them. Beating worshipers in Al Aqsa mosque and evicting Palestinians from their house is disgusting. Some have the guts to support the aggressor to the detriment of the aggressed. What a paradox? Nobody can accept the policy of annexation applied by Israel. Churchill was right in his assertion when he said if you want peace prepare for war. In our actual world might is right and peace has become a hollow word.

Cassam Tupsy           

NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction.