[L.E] The impact of Corona Virus on our tourism industry


The Corona Virus will definitely bite the tourism industry the hardest. During recession and economic crisis tourism knows a down turn but rebounds to growth when the economies pick up. Many tourist destinations have suffered a setback in the past either of terrorist attack or of natural calamities. But soon after the grim situation the tourist industry use to thrive again. People forget the drawbacks and visit the place hard hit by calamities and terrorism. However, the pleasure to travel has always an edge over the fear of travel and tourism becomes dynamic as usual. Tourism is the 4th largest industry worldwide. Domestic and international tourism combine to generate 10% of world GDP
This disease is having an incredible bearing on the tourism  industry. The aftermath of corona will nevertheless make people more oriented towards satisfying their basic needs than satisfying their wants.
After the opening of international airports business travel will surely reckon a boom. But leisure travel takes the lion share of the industry and many destinations will definitely bear the brunt of corona virus. Countries mostly affected by this disease can lose their market share.
Normally when injuries are cured they obviously leave their scars intact. Fear to travel is something natural. Do you know that many travelers buy insurance against fear of air crash? Tourism is people business and the consumers have to travel long way in order to consume the products on the spot.
However, travel depends highly on disposable income. Besides, some travelers are also impacted by the law of substitution means replacing travel by buying other products other than leisure.
The expenditure incurred by the visitors use to stimulate the economy of the visiting places by creating direct and indirect employments, by giving a boost to infra and super structural development, by attracting inwards investments, generating foreign currencies for the destinations , contributing significantly to the GDP of the destination, implying the multiplier effect which benefits one and all.
No doubt there is a gap to bridge concerning our tourist industry. International lock down, closure of borders and Covid 19 will definitely dissuade the travelers to go on holidays for some time. The socio- economic impact will be disastrous for Mauritius. Many employments will be axed. It is to note that about 70 billion gross receipt is generated by tourism together with the creation of about 30,000 direct and 70,000 indirect employments. The crash of our national carrier is a prelude to other sectors of the economy to know the same fate. Can Air Mauritius fly with its own wings after the financial crash? Soon after the international lock down will be lifted the MTPA and the private sector will have to launch aggressive promotion in our traditional tourist markets and should also look for potential travelers outside our market share. The key slogan of the promotion should be based on security and safety. Our relentless battle against the disease is bearing its fruit which in fact will be primordial for our tourism industry.
Due to long confinement demand from the potential visitors will be likely for active holidays. Sea and ground sports, safari tourism and giving opportunities to our visitors to explore the magnificent views and nook and corner of our country can surely entertain the visitors. We must focus on how to enhance the travel experiences of the tourists. People will like to escape from the daily routine of life endured during the confinement period. So let us give them joyful therapy in our brochures by associating the following words like fantasy, imagination, ecstasy, fascination, inspiration and sensation with pleasure.
However it is argued that people will continue to travel for both business and leisure purpose. One of the components of Maslow theory of pyramidal needs is security need. In the face of this pandemic, successful destinations will be those who can meet this need specifically in the context of corona virus.

Cassam Tupsy