The recent visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi cannot be a good omen for the world. As if to keep violent spots simmering all over the world  – Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine without forgetting Ukraine where Putin does not seem to be in a hurry to launch an all-out assault –  the US, appearing hesitant at first after the surprising declaration of the Chinese President that “if you play with fire, you risk to get burnt”, finally succumbed to its hawks giving the green light to the House Speaker to travel to Taiwan, a land which is recognised by the US as part of China.

The US and the other superpowers have a moral duty to keep the world safe, not only from war but from epidemics, poverty and all the ills that may render our planet unlivable. The US, a predominantly Christian nation, has shown great courage and resilience at several points in the past; one of the greatest moments was the visit of President Nixon to China, a move made possible with the contribution of Pakistan. It was a moment of hope for the world who breathed a sigh of relief.

Forgotten were the beliefs held until the1970s that China [and Russia] were the “bad guys” and China was ushered into the global economic system; USA manufacturing was moved to China followed by Western Europe with the result that China has become the factory of the world. As China started being perceived as a ‘normal’ country, books and articles were published in the West in an attempt to ‘understand’ China. 

Pelosi’s visit has been justified by the “America is back” policy of the new tenant of the White House. During the launch of “Leadership”, the Wall Street Journal reports that Kissinger warned his country “would be heading aimlessly toward the brink of war against Russia and China”.  To add to the crisis, China is making no secret of its intention to unite Taiwan with the “motherland” by any means possible although they had before insisted on a peaceful reunification; so far it has flown at least 21 military aircraf into Taiwanese airspace also dispatching five naval vessels all around Taiwan on Wednesday. The provocation would give China  an excuse to invade and annex Taiwan.

The consequences for the world would be disastrous. We have seen the trailer with the Ukrainian conflict already. Another large scale war theatre, especially in the sea route representing the lifeline of trade, would cause widespread hunger and poverty..

It is the ardent wish of the admirers of the American people and the American way of life that someone put some common sense into Joe Biden’s head to stop the madness of a third world war which will leave only losers.

Dawood Auleear

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