Machine readable codes

Usage of Quick Response codes

By: Muhammad Umar

Machine readable codes are different types and shapes. with the passage of time,these have been advanced from 1 dimensional codes to 2D and now a days come in square or circle with 3D and other types of codes are in use since long.
Japanese company introduced these codes in 1994 and today they are a must part of product, visiting/business cards.These store Wi-Fi codes and contact details.Websites, Social media links and much more. DataMatrix, Aztec, Beetagg, mCode, Shotcode, Quickmark, TrillCode and Qr-Codes are some of them. Let’s have a look into some of these:


These codes have parallel lines of different width with spaces, to read such codes we need special reading machines or optical scanners and barcode readers. Such barcodes are also knows as 1 dimensional codes. These codes are used for price tag, product info, expiry dates etc.

Two Dimensional codes: also known as 2D codes are square codes and are in use since long to store data about products, lot number, serial number etc.

UID codes: are also a type of computer readable codes mainly used for Military products and related products.

QR-Codes: are known as Quick Response codes and are used to read valuable information coded into square or circular shape as shown in picture. Anyone using a smartphone and pre-installed or installed QR reader app can read and save the information.

This information can be Wi-Fi connection details, business card details, product description and price, luggage details and tickets. Many social media platforms also use these codes to pair/share contacts, like Instagram, Web-whatsapp , Tiktok etc

How to generate QR: Go to:

Fill in the information and download the code.

Test it and share /print and Enjoy!

How to Use: to read any QR code today, we need pre-installed QR readers in our latest phones with internet or we need to install QR reader application from App store/Apple store into your phone, scan the code using a camera or choose code pic saved in your album/gallery and information saved in code will be on your phone in a blink. Click the link, share or save the information.

Our generated QR code is 3D and has contact Details, Address, Website, Facebook and YouTube links, a message with colours and design of our choice, you can choose as per your need and choice.