Maison Dawah gives Dawah beyond our shores through Internet


It happened on Friday 20 September 2019 when Maison Dawah participated actively in an Inter-Faith Dialogue via Facebook video conference, with the “University of the Philippines Cebu”, Philippines, from 09:30 – 10:30 hr local time (13:30 – 14:30 Philippines time). The conference lasted one hour.

The topic was “An introduction to Islam” and the language used was English.

On the Mauritian side

Our collaborator Mr. Belall Maudarbux, Executive Member of Inter Faith Dialogue Forum (African Union), presented and discussed the topic. It is good to know that Mr. Nizam Emamaullee, a collaborator of Maison Dawah who is from Canada was the intermediary between Prof. Edwin B.Estrera from Philippines and Maison Dawah.

On the Philippines Side

  • The moderator was Prof. Edwin B. Estrera who teaches social studies under the High School Program of University of the Philippines Cebu (girls and boys).
  • The participants were 15 Grade 12 (Senior High School) students majoring in “Humanities and Social Sciences.” They are Christians (Roman Catholic and protestant).


Mr. Belall Maudarbux made a presentation of about 45 minutes, followed by an inter action session of 15 minutes.

He started the presentation with the definitions of Islam – complete submission to God Almighty, and peace. He explained the Oneness of God, the five pillars of Islam, the six articles of faith, the divine books that have been revealed, shirk (associating partners with God), Satan and its invitation towards forbidden actions and disobedience to God Almighty, the two festivals Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

He also talked about the two authorised sources of knowledge – the Quran and the Hadiths, forgiveness and death, Judgement Day, paradise, hell and destiny.




The students had listened attentively. Maison Dawah had already mailed a relevant powerpoint presentation to the moderator so that students could view the slides comfortably while listening to the speaker. This arrangement worked perfectly.

The following questions were asked:

  • Why does ISIS use the name of Allah to kill? (by a male student)
  • What does Islam say on same sex marriage? (by a female student)
  • What is the position of Islam on gender and women? (by a female student)

Mr Maudarbux did his best to answer in the actual present context and the students looked satisfied, Alhamdullilah.


  • Prof Edwin made the following comment after the presentation:

“This has been a very overwhelming and memorable experience for the students who have been enlightened on Islam as a way of life.”

  • This appreciation of Prof Edwin is a compliment to Mr. Maudarbux , Maison Dawah and its collaborators
  • This is a Premiere for Maison Dawah – going international in its Dawah activities, Alhamdulillah.