By Dr Samuel Nicholas Duymun      

There are talks in the corridor of power, that there is a possibility of an MMM-MSM Alliance in the next 2019 general elections. If ever such an alliance took place, it would never last simply because it is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

It would have been better if both political parties go solo before the general elections or tune their violins to unite themselves after the results of the general elections should one of the parties win such an election. This strategic  exercise will be more appreciated by the electorate. The electorate could give them credit for such decision, a decision which they have no choice but to choose between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

There is no doubt that the MMM has gathered momentum lately vis-à-vis the population of the country. Most communities, especially 60% of the Muslim Community have recently joined the MMM due to the incompetency of the government over the governance of this country during the past nearly three years. The fall of the Rawat Empire plays a vital part in the future downfall of this Jugnauth government. Now that the Rawat case is gradually making its way out of Court, problems will occur within the MSM government and his five cents ML partner.

Labour party has got lots of work to catch up with.  Navin Ramgoolam appears to pose a certain handicap as leader unless he wins his last case over the coffers money. If ever Ramgoolam wins his last case over the coffers money, then he could come back as a victimized politician and make a triumphant return to politics. This still remains to be seen!

The MSM should constantly watch over their shoulder if they want to achieve political momentum as no matter what the unconstitutional PM , Pravind Jugnauth does, the population has already decided his fate due to the catalogue of scandals of corruption, nepotism, favouritism and incompetency. It is very easy to analyse the fate and future of this government  regarding their unpopularity.  The Jugnauths, to start with, have never been the darling of the majority of the Hindus, Muslim and other communities.  When the MSM won the 2014 general election, it is by default due to the blunders of both Ramgoolam regarding special powers as was President of the Republic with Berenger as PM with certain powers.

Ramgoolam  should now accept critics and consult the grass roots level of his activists if he wants to maintain himself as a true leader of the Labour Party. Even the Independent Press has on many occasions drawn his attention as to correct his mistakes. Otherwise if Ramgoolam persists in his attempts not to take advice from his supporters, there could be a dissidence in the Labour party .To support my argument and analysis, let me quote certain passages of an article by Ahmad Macky, a political columnist published in LE MAURICIEN  dated the 4th May, 2017 under the title: “Is the birth of a separate new Labour Party under discussion? “ the article goes on by saying : “ All the signs and symptoms of such political strategy about the formation or creation of a new Labour Party without Navin Ramgoolam and some of his old guards are on the cards as an indication to modernize the whole structure of the party”  This is why I say that Navin Ramgoolam has to adopt a new approach as a charismatic leader of the Labour Party. He needs also to get rid of one or two of his old guards.

Now that the government is going fastly down hill with an amateur PM that relies too much on the assistance of India for the capitalist development of Mauritius, the opposition has got the golden opportunity to come forward as one solid united team to fight the future general elections where, I am sure, they will have the support and blessing of the electorate.