PRAY FOR THEM : “All our Blood”

What a pity? Once more the Arab world has confirmed that the plight of the Palestinians is not their main concern.  The Arab world has again failed to put a united front against the apartheid plan of the Trump’s administration. What does it indicate? It indicates that some countries of the Arab world are ready to normalise their relations with Israel to secure the military backing (including the intelligence service of the Americans and the Israelis) of the Americans and the Israelis to bring together a united front against perceived threats from Iran. The perceived threats have been well-entertained by the secret services of nearly all Western European countries with the backing of the Americans and the Israelis. Ramzy Baroud, a Palestinian author (a US Palestinian journalist, former deputy managing editor of AL Jazeera on line and author of :

  1. My father was a freedom fighter,
  2. These chains will be broken
  3. The second Palestinian intifada and
  4. The last earth : A Palestinian story)

“The US-Iran brief military confrontation in January has convinced some Gulf countries that Washington is their only protector. Some Arabs have completely forsaken Palestine and are embracing Israel to fend against an imaginary Iranian threat.”

And, approvingly, Diana Buttu, former legal adviser to Palestinian peace negotiators told Al Jazeera (see AL-Jazeera on line of the 30th January 2020: “I think what has been done is these people have adopted the approach that my enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are today in the pockets of state of Israel. Why? Because they fear the internal turmoil which is growing and also because they see Iran as a bigger regional threat. Note that the so called peace plan was unveiled at the White House by president Trump in front of a Pro-Israeli audience. The star of the audience was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was a very happy man because the Peace plan (?) goes according to his wildest wishes. But for the sake of our analysis it is apposite to note that the ambassadors from BAHRAIN, UAE and Oman were present and active. Active so as to give as per the injuctions of the Americans a veneer of respectability to the Trump’s  peace plan. Don’t forget that the Americans managed the visit of Netanyahu in MUSCAT in 2018. It was the first visit to Oman by an Israeli leader in over two decades.

Egypt, also, did not react as a friend of the Palestinians but added salt to the wounds of the Palestinians by urging all parties to a careful and thorough examination of the Trump’s vision. What can be expect of the Egyptian leaders who depend entirely on the American to survive? The Egyptians have the support of the Israelis… a great nation is becoming a little mouse because of the ineptitude of its leaders Oh Nasser! I can see you shedding your tears… only Jordan has had the courage to warn against the “annexation of Palestinian lands”. And we know that the Jordanians have the mighty duty to guard as custodian the third holiest site in Islam i.e the AL-AQSA MOSQUE which is found in the illegally occupied zone of East-Jerusalem.

It is apposite to remind our young readers the following:

  • Since taking office on January 20, 2017 (elected in November 2016) Trump has been the American president who has blindly supported the politics of the fascist Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Trump has supported all racists’ moves of Netanyahu.
  • Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
  • Recognition of the Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem despite clear American-legal opinions of its illegality.
  • Closing of PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) missing offices in Washington.

Baroud further said that the abandonment of the Palestinian people reflects the “state of moral decay and disunity of the Arab body politic. On the one hand, they are bashfully trying to show support for Palestinians, but, on the other, they do not want to find themselves in a political confrontation with Washington and its allies.”

Do you know that since 1979 Egypt has been receiving aid at an average 1.6 billion dollars per year?

Do you know that President Obama briefly SUSPENDED same following the military coup in 2012?

Do you know that Jordan & Egypt have diplomatic ties with Israel?

In a nutshell they all depend on the Trump’s administration to survive. That’s why we need a revolution in all the Arab countries…


Trump’s peace plan is in violation of the United Nations resolution 242 that called on Israel to withdraw its forces from the territories it had occupied in the six day war as well as the return of refugees.

The peace plan gives room to Israel to annex large portions of the illegally occupied West Bank and the rich Jordan valley. And the aim is to give Israel a permanent Eastern border along the Jordan River.

Clearly it is the deal of the century for the Israelis. For Palestinians only a bluff!

Yesterday, last Friday of January thousands of worshippers went to Al Aqsa mosque to promise to fight back. One of the worshipper said to AL JAZEERA:

“Even if it requires sacrificing all our blood, Palestinians’ capital will always be Jerusalem”

A third intifada is bevelling!

We must all stand united with the Palestinians!

How can the Arab world stay mute!