PRAY FOR THEM : “Israel will rape again!”


The recently reinstalled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going ahead with his colonial intentions to annex the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and the fertile Jordan Valley.

The unilateral annexation would, definitely, breach International Law and would be a fatal blow to the prospects for the two state solution (for whatever it is worth) to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel does not respect International law. Israel does not respect the resolutions which have been voted by the United Nations General Assembly. More than 100 UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTIONS have not been respected by Israel.

Israel does not also respect the Security Council resolutions. More than 40 SECURITY COUNCIL resolutions have not been followed by Israel.

Why? Because Israel has always been supported by the United States of America since the presidency of Johnson. The United States of America has expounded a doctrine which is known as the Negroponte doctrine? Negroponte is the name of the United States ambassador who was in service in 2002. During a closed meeting of the UN SECURITY COUNCIL Mr John Negroponte stated that the UNITED STATES of AMERICA will oppose Security Council resolutions that condemn the state of Israel without also condemning the Palestinians or as the Americans would make us believe the Palestinian terrorist groups. For the Americans (specially the Hawkish groups) all Palestinians are terrorists…

For Negroponte any Security Council resolution to have a chance to go forward must absolutely contain the following vital four elements:

  1. A clear condemnation by name of the :
  • Hamas;
  • Islamic Jihad;
  • Al Aqsa martyrs’ Brigade.

Which are Palestinian Groups that have claimed INTIFADA in September 2000.

The world is fully aware that Israel will violate the International law with its forthcoming annexations. But will the world stand to Israel: I don’t doubt it as I am sure the world will turn a blind eye. Not only a blind eye but a hypocritical blind eye. Why am I saying so? Because a quasi-similar scenario happened in 1980 when Israel annexed the illegally occupied East-Jerusalem and encouraged by the inactions of the other countries annexed the Syrian Golan Heights in 1981. Do you remember what the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL said at the time? The Security Council said it was going to implement economic and political consequences for Israel but…! Yes you are right it did not follow with any action.

It is interesting to note what Michael Lynk, UN special rapporteur on the chaotic situation of Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territories said:

“ Israel has learned an undeniable lesson with respect to impunity-that the International Community will pass resolutions against annexation, will adopt resolutions with respect to illegality with building of settlement enterprises, and yet the International community will do virtually nothing as a consequence to Israel so it can in fact have its cake and eat it too”.

And Diana Buttu, a Haifa based analyst is damn right when she told Al Jazeera that “Israel’s plan for annexation is viewed as the “Icing on the cake” as there have been no consequences for its illegal behaviour for the past 53 years of occupation which include expanding illegal Israeli settlements, implementing a dual system of law, preventing Palestinians from access to natural resources and bombing the Gaza strip.”

Why can’t the Europeans act?

Europe is the largest trading partner of Israel…

Why can’t the Arabs react?

Because they are too divided and have become the stooges of the Zionists.

Why can’t the Africans voice their opinions?

Because they dare not?

Why can’t you react?

Because your thoughts have been manufactured…