PRAY FOR THEM : “Shame on the Israelis”


Amnesty International is strongly appealing to all members of the United Nations to demand the release of a database of companies operating in the illegal Israeli settlements. How to do it? Simply by using the next HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL session on Palestine note that UNITED NATIONS database of companies operating in illegal settlements in Israel was supposed to be published in march 2017 more than two years the world is still waiting. Amnesty International in a report published on Friday 27th September drew the attention of the blue planet that the office of the UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (OHCHR) has repeatedly postponed the publication of the database. Imagine if the country is not Israel but an African country! Would the United Nations have stayed mute!

Amnesty International did not mince its words when is said:

“It has become increasingly clear that the delay is in part because certain states are bringing extensive political pressure to bear, not just to put off database’s release, but to stop it being made public at all. In other words, some powerful states in the United Nations are lobbying the High Commissioner to ignore the mandate she has been given the council, or to interpret the mandate in a way that strains all credibility: either by not mentioning companies’ names or not releasing the database at all”.

What is the aim of the database? To ensure transparency and help businesses and the country or countries where they are based to ensure that they are not committing Human Rights violations of Palestinians.

In December 2016 the United Nations adopted a UN SECURITY resolution which stated clearly that Israel’s settlements have no legal validity and constitute a gross violation of International law. Israel by its acts & omissions is deliberately impeding the path to a two state solution.

New data published last week by the ASSOCIATED PRESS showed that Jewish settlement (for Jews only) construction in Israeli annexed East Jerusalem ( I must emphasize against basic International law) has spiked since President Donald Trump became president in 2017.

According to the New data (acquired and analysed by the Israeli settlement. Watch dog “PEACE NOW”, which says it obtained the figures after a two year battle with the municipality). According to “PEACE NOW” the refusal to grant permits to Palestinian residents has confined them to crowded, poorly served neighbourhoods with AROUND half the population believed to be at risk of having their homes demolished.

Today around 215,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem… Another Israeli rights group says at least 113 housing units were demolished in the first seven months of 2019.

Amnesty International said in its report:

“For decades, official condemnation and quiet diplomacy have failed to bring about necessary change. Now more than ever is the time for concrete action…”

Amnesty International insists that the “UN has the potential to change the status quo in Israel and in the OCCUPIED Palestinian territories. The OHCHR should fulfil the mandate given to it by the UN Human Rights Council by compiling, publishing and regularly updating a database of businesses operating in illegal Israeli settlements.”

What will be the effect of publishing the database?

  1. It will bring transparency to business activities in Israeli settlements
  2. Facilitate states compliance with International law;
  3. Expedite companies’ progress towards respecting Human Rights…

Do you know that Israel settlement is funded by US duty free Tycoons? The FALIC family who is the owner of the famous American chain of DUTY FREE AMERICA’s shops funds settler groups in the occupied territory of West Bank. An investigation by the ASSOCIATED PRESS news agency has revealed that the FALIC family has donated at least 5.6 million dollars to settler organisations in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem over the past decade to finance synagogues to far right groups which is considered even in Israel as extreme. The FALIC support the ultranationlist Jewish community in Hebron, whose members include several prominent members of MEIR KAHANE, a late rabbi banned from Israeli politics (surprise!) for his ultra-racist views. KAHANE’S KACH party was outlawed in Israel in the 1980s for calling for the mass expulsion of Palestinians from the country and is designated by the US as a terrorist group.

You get a glimpse now why the powerful does not want the database to be published…

Shame on them…

Do they know what shame is?

Is shame alien to their D.N.A?

Oh God!