PRAY FOR THEM : “The Barq Unit”

I have said many times if I was born in Palestine I would have been a “Terrorist”. Yes “Terrorist” as to per the definition of the Israelis. “Terrorist” because surely I would have taken the armed struggle to fight the illegal & colonialist presence on the Palestinian soil.

Since I am a young boy I have espoused the causes of the Palestinian struggle. My mother who is a firm believer in reincarnation even told me that may be in my previous birth I was born as a Palestinian.

As I have no absolute answer(s) I have no alternative than to acquiesce to what my mother is telling me. How can a sensible person remain insensitive to the ordeal of the Palestinians?

How can a person close his eyes & mind to the on-going ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians?

How can we as a nation be indifferent to the fact that the illegally occupied territories are the biggest prison on earth? See in that context the must “read-book” of Ilan Pappe “The Biggest Prison on Earth” a history of the occupied territories.

How can we believe that Israel is a democratic country when in fact and in truth it is having in all spheres of lives apartheid policies?

How can we tolerate that the Palestinians are being erased from the map of the Middle-East?

How can we suffer in silence that Palestine is the longest occupied territory by a colonial power since the Second World War?

How is it that the world is impotent to the systematic rape of United Nations resolutions by the State of Israel?

How can we flush from our minds that unpalatable truths that the secret services of Israel continue to use “Assasination” as an instrument to get rid of Palestinians leaders?

Stop! Stop! The list of questions will need all the pages of Sunday Times to cover some aspects of the racist-colonialist & imperialist powers of Israel.

So I am very happy to see that a group of young Palestinians are terrifying the Israel army through “Arson attacks” Happy! yes! Because they have the courage in floating fire balloons and kites into Israel.

These young courageous Palestinians call themselves the Barq (lightning) unit. What do they do?

These young valiant men fill the balloons with helium then group all the balloons in a bundle to which they attach a small incendiary object to their tails.

The arson balloons are launched from the buffer zone fence. Directly in the direction of EMPTY AREAS within Israel.

These arson balloons have caused large fires on some agricultural lands. AND NO ISRAELI HAS BEEN HURT. But the arson balloons instil fear in the rank and file of the Israeli army. So much so that the arson balloons have triggered the Israeli army to bombard the Gaza Strip for ten consecutive days.

Abou Yousef (don’t forget that name!) explained that “we youngsters in the Gaza Strip can no longer tolerate the blockade that’s been taking place for 13 years… we would like to send a message that we deserve a decent life for our families & loved ones”.

And another senior member of the group said to Al Jazeera: “the world is looking the other way, we don’t have any enmity with the Jewish people. Our battle is against their government that has been besieging us for thirteen years”….

What is the objective of the Barq unit? The objective is to pressurize Israel to lift the devastating blockade on Gaza.

Do you know that according to the United Nations the Gaza’s blockade was expected to render the besieged city uninhabitable by 2020?

The Barq unit are fully aware that Israel will not arrest them but will kill them… the skies above them are always full with Israeli drones. Drones fitted with all sorts of modern arms to assassinate the Barq unit.

May God empower the Barq unit… they don’t mean to kill but only to fight for a decent life for their loved ones…

Israel is blood thirsty!

Palestinians want justice!


NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction.