PRAY FOR THEM : The Israelis will never stop… Provoking…

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The world has already forgotten that last month Israel viciously attacked the Palestinians which caused the deaths of at least 66 children and more than 200 Palestinian adults. The whole issue was around Jerusalem. And for eleven days there were cross border fightings between Israel and Gaza’s ruling Hamas Militant Group. We must not forget the provocations of Israeli forces.

The state of Israel will never stop the ultra-orthodox Jews and the far right Nationalists from provoking the Palestinians. On 15th June 2021 thousands of Israeli far right Nationalists marched in a flag waving procession though the Eastern part of Jerusalem. That event is a clear provocation. The intention is to provoke the Palestinians to react which will in turn be an excuse for the Israeli military to attack the Palestinians.

On Tuesday 15th June Israeli police in riot gear cordoned off all areas leading to the Damascus gate. The Israeli police “mopped all the Palestinians from the surrounding areas” to allow the far right nationalists to march while waving the blue & while Israeli flags provocatively. The far right nationalists were dancing, singing and mocking the Palestinians in the plaza in front of the Damascus gate which is used on a daily basis by the Palestinians as a popular social gathering corner.

According to some independent reporting one of the leaders of the flag march repeatedly said through a powerful megaphone to the Palestinian merchants on the other side of police barriers erected on an East Jerusalem street: “Take a very good look at our flag. Live and suffer.…

Why do the ultra-orthodox Jews (remember that not all Jews are for wars and against the rights of the Palestinian people) hold such march? It is to celebrate the victory of Israel in the 1967 war which led Israel to occupy East Jerusalem. It is apposite to note that Israel has also annexed East Jerusalem which is not recognised by the quasi majority of the states of the United Nations.

Hamas which has regained popularity & respect of the Palestinian people has not retaliated despite earlier warning that the march will trigger new hostilities. It is clear that the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will not raise his little finger to protect the Palestinians.

Prime Minister Bennett also believes in the reunification of Jerusalem which means that the Palestinians must flush out from their minds East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian State. The march of the flags, (which usually lasts from noon to sunset) is also to celebrate the renewal of Jewish and Israeli sovereignty in the holy places. Most of the marchers are active members of religious Zionism who come to the city from all over Israel and the world. It is apposite to note that Human Rights & left wings organisations have vehemently criticised the holding of the flag parade. In 2015 & 2016 the high court rejected several petitions filed by Ir Amin and tag Meir organisations demanding that procession be prevented from crossing the Muslim quarter.

What is the Muslim quarter?
The Muslim quarter is one of the four quarters of the old city of Jerusalem with its historic walls. According to history books the quarter which covers 77 acres is the largest and most populous and extends from the lions gate in the East to the Damascus in the West. The population in the Muslim quarter is less than 25,000. The Via Dolorosa (in other words the way of suffering or the sorrowful way) is the path that Jesus was coerced to take by the roman soldiers on the way to his crucifixion. The readers will appreciate the historical importance of the Muslim quarter.

During the march Israeli police arrested several Palestinians including many women and according to Red Crescent there were around 30 injured in clashes outside old city.

Worst! Worst! According to Ahlutbayt News Agency (ABNA) the Israeli forces have not only stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem Al Quds but also REPEATEDLY INSULTED prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Jordan, the custodian of Muslim Holy sites in Jerusalem Al Quds condemned the attacks and the insults which were meant to excite the Palestinians to start protesting…

It is apposite to also note that more than 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 settlements built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem & the West Bank.

The United Nations have so far remained impotent despite that under International law all Israeli settlements are illegal as they are built on occupied land.

But who will dare to act?

Provocation does not come from the Palestinians but from the Israelis whose objectives are:

  1. To annex;
  2. To expel;
  3. To destroy all Palestinian groups;
  4. To sap the moral of the Palestinian people;
  5. To put the Palestinian issue on the back burner of International agenda;
  6. To enlist support of other Arab countries which need the intelligence logistic support of Israeli forces to remain in power;
  7. To crush any Muslim country military and Economically so that it does not become a focal point for the Arab population
  8. To tell to the world that Israel is an “Example in everything” which is racist…

Israel is thirsty & hungry for blood & lands… it does not matter whether it is Netanyahu or Bennet the same Zionist policies will continue.

For Israel the war is never off for the majority of the Israeli military forces believe in sweat in time of peace to “rest” in time of war…

Get the point? Hope so.


NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction.