PRAY FOR THEM : US peace plan in favour of Israel

President Trump has invited his “little brother” to another visit to Washington next week. And before the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu US president Trump will release his much awaited peace plan for the Middle-East. Had President Trump or any high official of Trump’s administration briefed the Palestinians? The answer comes from the mouth of President Trump who said on Thursday 24th January that his administration has talked briefly to the Palestinians who have rejected the peace plan.

The plan of Trump and his son-in-law Jared Krushner is designed to end the decade’s long conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Can any reasonable Palestinian feel any sense of comfort with the impending announcement of the peace-plan? No! Why?

  • Trump has reversed decades of US policy on the conflict by systematically refusing to endorse the principle of “two State solution”. The two State solution (which is not accepted by many on the left) is the longtime International formula which envisages the creation of a Palestinian State coexisting with Israel.
  • Trump has recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  • Trump has moved the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem despite public outcry around the world.
  • Trump has approved the annexure of the Golan Heights.
  • Trump has approved the “Dicta”of the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo who announced in November that the US no longer considered Israel’s settlements on WESTBANL land as “inconsistent with International law”despite learned views from respected international and independent scholars who said that the settlements are illegal under international law. And do you remember what Netanyahu said during the electoral campaign in 2019? President Netanyahu vowed to annex the Jordan Valley! What was the reaction of the Americans? They approved!
  • In June 2019 the economic side of the plan was announced at a conference in Bahrain. The Palestinians in Toto rejected the plan because it was clear for them that the idea was to liquidate the Palestinian cause. What was announced by Jared Kushner in his opening speech at Bahrain workshop in MANAMA BAHRAIN?
  • 50 billion investment plan (with no assurance where the money will come from) that would set up a global investment fund to lift (enhancing American presence in the area) the Palestinians and other neighbouring Arab State economies. No need to say that the plan itself is a belittlement of the Arabs.
  • Funding a five billion dollar transportation corridor to connect the occupied West Bank and Gaza. In fact it is confirming that with “the peace plan”the Palestinians will become more “strangers”on their own lands as they will be forced to travel through a transportation corridor.
  • More than double Palestinian gross domestic product. No explanation how it will be done…
  • Reducing the Palestinian unemployment rate to nearly single digit… mirage!
  • Reducing the Palestinian poverty rate by 50%. Dividing the Palestinians! Where will the houses be built?
  • Create over one million employment jobs for the Palestinians.

And do you know that the two main contenders to power in Israel will attend meetings with President Trump.

Do you know that President Trump in the meantime will attend a pro abortion Israeli… rallye where the majority of participants will come from the Evangelical Churches? Do you know that President Trump will ban maternity tourism?

Do you know that President Trump will “use” the support of the Evangelicals and Israel once he is acquitted by the Senate (because the Republicans have a clear majority and the vote at the end of the day will be along party-line) to bounce back?

And what about the state of the so called Middle-East countries? All of them are in deep turmoil.

  • Syria – Civil war and depends on Russia for integrity of the country.
  • Lebanon – Riots after riots
  • Egypt- without American support the government will wither.
  • Libya – Civil war
  • Iraq – Civil War (demonstration on Friday of more than one million men & women demanding the Americans to go away. Watch for the backlash!)
  • Yemen… Thousands of deaths.
  • Turkey… The Government is weakening day by day due to American and Israeli…
  • Iran – Everything is being done by the Americans and the Israelis to create havoc within Iran. The assassination of Qasem Soleimani is only part of a greater strategy. The Americans and the Israelis (nearly all American Presidents save President Carter) have always used political killings as a tool.

It is clear that he Palestinians will not be in a position to rely on any other Arab country for  any form of support.

The Palestinians have responded that they will not adhere to the peace plan!

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesperson of the Palestinian Presidency said among others:

  1. The Palestinian leadership will reject any steps by the US that would breach International law.
  2. The Palestinians are against any form of dissolution of the Palestinian Authority.
  3. Israel must end the Israel the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Authorities.
  4. Palestinian State should be established with occupied East Jerusalem recognised as its capital.

The Palestinians are right to say that the peace plan is a plan to favour Israel. With the ongoing commemoration of the Shoah which European country will break the mould to support the Palestinians? No more Shoah! No more Nakbah! But Israel is Deaf!

The peace plan of Trump is far from being a genuine peace plan. The plan is to make sure that Netanyahu is re-elected in March. It is about influencing domestic Israeli politics and after to influence the presidential election of USA.

Trump is bringing another proof that he is the most pro-Israeli US president in history.

Palestinians know that they can’t expect anything from the so called “Peace Plan”. The peace plan has also a dual backdrop: Impeachment and Netanyahu immunity from prosecution over a plethora of corruption charges…

So don’t cry ! prepare to continue on with the struggle!