PRAY FOR THEM : “What is greater Israel?” (Part 1)

Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism says, in his complete diaries, volume II P 711, that the area of Israel stretches “from the brook of Egypt to Euphrates”. Since its inception, numerous master minds of Zionism have been constant on their visions of great Israel. In his testimony to the United Nations special committee of enquiry on 9th July 1947, Rabbi Fishmann who was a member of the Jewish agency for Palestine said “the promised land extends from the river of Egypt up to the Euphrates. It includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.

Has Israel departed from their initial objective of a “great Israel”? Answer No!

Have you heard about the infamous “Oded Yinin Plan”? The term Oded Yinon Plan refers to an article published in February 1982 in the Hebrew journal Kivunim entitled “A strategy for Israel in the 1980’s : Oded Yinon’s plan for the Middle-East is slowly & surely in large taking shape. Balkanisation has always formed an essential art of the rationale of the political strategy of Zionism. We must not forget that well before the creation of the state of Israel, Thodore Herzl offered one hundred and fifty million pounds to Sultan Abdul Hamid II as a down payment (only a down payment) towards the Ottoman national debt in return for a charter enabling Zionist settlement in Palestine. Sultan Abdul Hamid II flatly refused the offer. So the Zionists knew that the first preliminary step is to dismantle the Ottoman empire and the dismantlement did happen for many reasons. Then there was an agreement during the First World War between the Zionist movement and the British government. A Jewish state was in the offing, followed was the Balfour declaration and the brutal implementation of the Sykes Picot accord set the basis through which the goal of securing a future Jewish state within the territory labelled as British mandate could be set up.

A “constant policy” within the greater picture of greater Israel has been:

  1. A national systematic strategy, by all means, was to weaken Arab and Muslim states;
  2. Balkanising them;
  3. Keeping them under a Neo-colonial state of affairs.

What is the Israeli logic behind such state of affairs?

The logic was and is that any stable Arab or Muslim State poses an existential threat to Israel.


  • Israel’s anger against President De Gaulle when latter decided to “grant independence to Algeria
  • Whether Ben-Guerion-Moshe Dayan or Moshe Sharett they were all keen to exploit the differences between the Muslims and the Christians in Lebanon in order to create a Christian State. And don’t erase from your mind that Israel has dumped that plan and the only country which is standing in their way is Iran. It is apposite to quote the letter written by Ben Gurion to Sharett (former Israeli Prime Minister) in February 1954.

“Perhaps now is the time to bring about the creation of a Christian state in our neighbourhood without our initiative and our vigorous and this will not be done it seems to me that this is the central duty, or at least one of the central duties, of our foreign policy. We must act in all possible ways to bring radical change in Lebanon…

The goal will not be reached without a restriction of Lebanon’s borders”.

  • Do you remember South Lebanon Army?
  • Do you remember major Saad Haddad (portrayed by the Western press as a saviour of the Lebanese people) who proclaimed in 1979 an area controlled by his group as “independent free Lebanon”
  • Never also forget that Israel still covets part of South Lebanon.
  • Why do you think Israel wants to destroy Hezboollah?
  • Why do you think Israel has so much grudge against Lebanese Shia Militia?
  • Have you ever heard of the Project for New American Century (PNAC)?
  • Do you know that in January 1998, a member of PNAC wrote an open letter to Bill Clinton urging him to remove Saddam Hussein and his regime from power ?
  • Do you know that PNAC was behind the passage in congress in October 1998 of the Iraq Liberation Act which made it official to “withdraw” Saddam Hussein from power?

Do you know that Ariel Sharon called on President George W.Bush in January 2003 to disarm Iran-Libya-Syria and that was months before invasion of Iraq?

Do you know that since the 1990’s Benjamin Netanyahu has called on the States of America to use United States of America to use all means to dismantle Iran?

Do you know about the Bernard Lewis project? (Briefly it is a project encouraging all Western countries to pursue a policy aiming at dividing the countries of the Middle-East along ethnic and religious lines.) Bernard Lewis wanted to encourage groups such as the Kurds (not for legitimate rights), Lebanese marinites, Azerbaijani Turks & all sorts of groups to seek autonomous rule full with seeds of instability (constant civil wars). The aim is to create a permanent “ARC OF CRISIS” which could spill into the Soviet Union. Lewis wanted the breaking up of Turkey (here the Israelis & the hawks must be more careful as it is an important country within the Nato framework). And Arab states such as Israw and Syria since the creation of a greater Kurdistan would necessitate this…)

Do you know that Lewis greatly influenced the “New Middle-East” plan presented by Condoleezza Rice in July 2006?

The Yinon plan is a master plan which reflects Israel policy of the PAST – PRESENT AND THE FUTURE.

Rama Valayden