The minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, Sudir  Sesungkur  was the guest of both the President of the African Forum and the Chief Executive Officer of the International Business Enterprise and other Financial Services across the African continent. This was a golden opportunity for Mauritius to attract investors all over the world including the African continent.

The participation of the minister in the Africa-CEO-Forum at Kigali in Rwanda on the 25 and 26th March 2019 to market Mauritius as an International Financial Hub was an exercise full of incentives which would be beneficial for the economy of Mauritius as a whole.

Concerning the forum, Sudir Sesungkur has been called upon to deliver an introductory speech at the “Invest In” panel session. The session is specially designed to assess the marketing values of business enterprises and other financial services across the African continent. Minister Sesungkur took this opportunity in his introductory speech to promote Mauritius to more than 150 renowned international investors and business leaders. Our minister has also given an interview to the CNBC during which he has shared up data on the latest changes brought to the regulatory framework of the Global Business, including the attractiveness of the Mauritius IFC as a regional hub.

It is a question of forging Mauritius as an international center of excellence.

This was in fact the 7th edition of this meeting by all Business Enterprise Leaders of the continent as organized by “Le Magazine Jeune Afrique” and by the World Bank. In fact this Economic Forum had gathered about 1,500 participants including the Leaders of  Business Enterprises coming from Africa as well as from the entire world  and also the presence of heads of State and other governments. They discussed notably about the installation of a free-continental exchange zone

The Africa CEO Forum is held this year in Kigali because the agreement to create the Free-Exchange Continental Zone was signed last year in the capital of Rwanda by 49 countries. The goal is to increase intra-African trade from 15% to 25% of the continent’s total trade within 10 years.

The Kigali forum aims to accelerate this process and to reflect on the means to concretize it by proposing solutions to alleviate the administrative procedures, as well as to  accelerate the construction of infrastructures and to protect the interests and the industries of each country. About 40 panels and other workshops would be given attention.

After the Kigali Forum in Rwanda, minister Sudir Sesungkur went to Johannesburg in South Africa. There he met representatives of the business community and potential investors to discuss positive changes in all aspects of Business Enterprises and Financial Services. The Minister wanted to go ahead with the idea of making Mauritius an international financial hub and also a regional centre for the African continent.