Sharing is caring : File sharing for mac, android and windows users

Documents and files contain our personal, professional statics/data and have different formats like audio file, image , video, PowerPoint etc and we need to share them to person concerned in real time and for that we use hardwares and softwares other than networks. Today we will discuss different methods to share any file easily.

Desktop users can share any type of file, through data traveler, shared internet, intranet, networking or softwares stated below,

  1. Sharing through hardware:

Use of data travellers, external hard drives, memory cards, SD card has a key role to receive or send any type of file but it needs the device/gadget to be delivered to the person and has higher risk for virus and other risks of loss and theft of data.

  1. Bluetooth:

Is close distance option to share data, contacts, files etc and both devices must have Bluetooth option and needs a pair between devices to share a file.

  1. NFC:

Near Field Communication allows devices to exchange information simply by placing them next to one another/or back to back and Smartphones use NFC to pass photos, contacts, or any other data you specify between NFC enabled devices.

  1. Share it:
    This app, after installing on both receiver and sharing devices, helps to share data.
  2. Email:

Attachments in emails help to attach any file but have limited size depending on email host, paid accounts can send larger files.

  1. Messaging apps:

Apps like whatsapp, viber, imo, skype also help sending and receiving files as attachments.

  1. Dropbox: on your device is just like using any other folder on your hard drive, except the files you drag into your Dropbox folder automatically sync online and to any other computers or mobile devices linked to your account.
  2. Google drive: is a safe place to keep files and share them on need and one can reach using any smartphone, tablet, ipad or computer, this app has capacity to share larger files.
  3. SecureDocs: provides paid services and it is easy use virtual data room for storage and share of unlimited and larger files for individuals and companies.
  4. iCloud: is used to access and share photos, videos, contacts and more using Apple id.
  5. Wi-Fi Direct: This feature allows two Wi-Fi-capable devices to connect without the need to go through a wireless access point, which allows the phone to transfer files much faster.

NOTE: Cost, speed, timing matters in any file share, so we suggest our readers choose wisely and also avoid sending or receiving files from unknown sources and keep devices updated against viruses. Avoid public networks and devices for private data share and keep passwords safe with you keep changing time to time.