Stopping genocide & seeking peace

By Dr Michael ATCHIA (Former United Nations Programme Director)

Benjamin (Adolph) Netanyahu has ordered the slaughter to continue. As he stated, so as to reduce the number of inhabitants of Gaza to 100,000 or less, 10% of the present population.

Today the action will be at the ‘concentration camp’ of Ravensbrück (or one of its subcamp: Rechlin, Retzow, or Rostock) NO actually that of Rafah. By first destroying all housing infrastructure, hospitals, schools, water and food supplies, thereby achieving the elimination of the people of Gaza, men, woman and children. And now elimination through famine (600 lorries of food blocked at the Egyptian frontier by Israel).

Like other agents of genocide, Israel targets children and women and certainly has destroyed all schools and educational facilities as well as MOST hospital facilities for births and medical treatment for Palestinians in Gaza.

The rest of the world DID NOT KNOW in 1940, or did not have the means of fighting Hitler, so 6 million people mainly Jews, but also Gypsies & Catholics were slaughtered in that genocide.

The entire world KNOWS in 2024, about Palestinians threatened with genocide. And some are furnishing to the attaquant the guns, missiles and dollars needed for that slaughter. Brazil’s president, Lula da Silva, speaking at the 37th African Union Summit  compared Israel’s actions in the war against Hamas to the Holocaust, in which Nazis killed six million Jews. “What is happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people has no parallel in other historical moments,” but “it did exist when Hitler decided to kill the Jews.” 

The world must wake up and stop this terrible war crime. We ALL call for an immediate ceasefire, return of all Israeli hostages by Hamas, the rebuilding of Gaza to start afresh and negotiations on the recognition and delimitation of an independent Palestine nation. Total shame on Biden’s USA who vetoed key UN resolutions for a ceasefire and furthermore is the chief provider of money and arms to Israel. But USA can act now, together with the UN, the EU, Egypt, Qatar, China and others, for stopping destruction and seeking peace.