In his new year message to the nation, the Prime Minister laid emphasis on six priorities which his government intends to make its central planks, namely « L’éducation, l’économie, les infrastructures publiques, la réforme administrative, l’environnement et la politique
All these to bring the country to a higher socio-economic level. When the PM spoke about <education>, he surely had in mind the academic aspect to boost up the economy of the country. Very good! The country needs it for the development of its manpower which is vital for its economic survival. Because the country’s only resource in its man power. But I am sure that there is one thing which escaped the attention
of the PM― the other aspect of education which is informal education which the country lacks cruelly. When a country is bankrupt of that education, it is its law and order which carries the can. «Nous avons une société instruite (if we can call it so, when we take into
account the poor performance of our young at school) mais pas éduquée.»
A society which is bankrupt of informal education “est une société malade.” It is prone to all kinds of ills and evils.

This is the society we have today and which we shall continue to have if nothing is done to redress the situation. Otherwise how can we account for the growing number of crimes, violent cases, armed robberies, the proliferation of drugs, the crying lack of security in the country? If these ills and evils are rampant, it underlines that we have a society «en panne d’éducation.»Law and order «est le soubassement d’une société.» Everything hinges on it, like the country’s economy, its security, cleanliness, etc. «C’est le poumon d’une société.» And with the absence of law and order, «tout peut déséquilibrer» «Qui dit law and order, dit l’éducation» They are indissociable. When a society is devoid of education, it is the law and order which bears the cost. Law and order is the basis of all civilized society. They are the underpinnings of the socio-economic development of a country. A country, like ours, which banks heavily on tourism for its economy cannot afford to have a lax law and order. It can do an untold harm to that industry and dent the image of the country as a tourist resort. Law which is the bulwark of society should be stringent to deter all wrong-doings to ensure the security of its citizens and foreigners. In the absence of a rigid
law, we shall have an unlivable society.

Informal Education

So the country is in urgent need of that education which our Prime Minister failed to underline in his speech to the nation, and on which our law and order hinges heavily. No matter how much you will redress the country’s economy, set up a high income society, beat down the rate of unemployment, but if there is no law and order, it will be like erecting an imposing building on a shaky foundation. That education is vital if we want to live a fuller life, unless we prefer existence to life. We can use it to create a better environment and a healthy society. It is a mighty weapon which can be used to combat the many evils which are gnawing away at our society. We can use it to beat down the rate of crime, violence and robbery, and reduce the number of rapists, hooligans and vandals. It is a redoubtable weapon in the fight against drug-trafficking. Many prejudices can be ironed out, many barriers can be pulled down, many prisons can be closed down with a judicious education. Just imagine what a force education stands for.Let us hope that next time our PM will not gloss over that aspect of education which is vital for a livable society.