The lessons from Gaza

By Dawood Auleear

The cost is tremendously high: 40,000 precious lives, and counting, lost indiscriminately first by being demonised as vermin. The Terminator is a tiny little state claiming to be the home of a “chosen people” and created and armed to the teeth by the “Western democracies”. As an example, the US, “mother and exporter of democracy” provided 14,000 2,000-pound bombs that destroyed the Jabalia refugee camp on 31 October, killing or wounding over 400 people. Seeing the havoc and the collateral damage, the US finally stopped supplying those bombs as they reminded them strangely of the devastation of Little Boy.

Gaza has taught us that adversity does not attract friends, that betrayal by some Arab nations who did not lift a finger when Greater Israel is being created on Palestinian territory, intercepted missiles aimed at the Zionist state, offered alternative routes and ports to assure that supplies reach Israel, looking the other way when Palestinians needed their support for similar supplies. Well with “brothers” like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and the Gulf states, does Palestine need enemies? Maybe Sisi, aka as the modern Pharaoh, is hoping to increase his number of pyramids by using the rubble generated from Israeli strikes: it has been calculated that the mound of rubbles piled in the holy land by unholy Zionist strikes are enough to build an extra six pyramids!!!!!

Gaza in its own way is similar to the battle of UHUD. A tiny army stands up against the most powerful army in the world in terms of firepower and men, not defeated after 7 months whereas the armed forces of Egypt, Syria and Jordan were wiped out in 6 days in 1967. An Israeli army chief concedes that it would take at least two years to dismantle Rafah, which is only a small southern city in Gaza. We can safely extrapolate that it needs a few decades to annihilate the whole of Gaza! Brave Hamas is rejecting all proposals of peace as it has always been a license of impunity to Israel.  The Hamas commanders must have assessed the morale of their forces and their arms stockpiles before deciding not to lay down their arms. Hats off to those brave fighters who are standing up to the whole West, an icon to the “wretched of the earth”!

 As in Uhud, help is coming from unimaginable sources: countries from Latin America, Africa, Asia and even Europe are the latest ones to join in the fray. Institutions are lining up too: the ICJ has condemned Israel for crimes against humanity [maybe some courageous NGOs will try to indict among others, USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY and INDIA for similar crimes]. University campuses in the West are hotbeds of anti-Zionist protests. Israel has become a pariah at sports events, at the Miss World pageantry, at the Eurovision song contest and at exhibitions like the arms show in Paris. The barbarity of the Zionist state has invigorated groups like the Houthis who are disrupting the supply chain and giving sleepless nights to owners of merchant ships plying in the Indian Ocean and serving Israeli ports. Fighters from impoverished Lebanon are responding tit for tat to Israeli bombing to the point that the Israeli government thought it better to move 60,000 Israeli settlers away from the borders of their country.  Add to that the mass emigration of Israelis to the West and the paralysis of the production capacities of Israeli industry and agriculture.  Syrian and Iraqi freedom fighters, believed to have been wiped out long ago by the vicious and continuous Israeli bombing, have been reborn opening a new resistance front, thereby spreading thin Israeli war resources. Should we then take neurotic Bibi’s threat to invade Lebanon seriously? Or are we at a MAD equation in the Middle East?

Masks have fallen off. Many Western leaders have been laid bare. The world geopolitical map is being redrawn and looking increasingly multi-polar. Western hegemony is being dismantled. China and Russia are rising, taking along with them in the BRI the majority of the world. King dollar is being dethroned. A new dawn is being ushered to the great sigh of the third world. Palestine has borne the brunt but has proved Shakespeare to be right when he predicted that there is always a silver lining.