The final stage of this World Cup 2018 will be decided  this Sunday night the 15th July. Now that Belgium has been eliminated on the knife-edge, what is the next surprise this World Cup in Russia will bring to us?. Lots  of unexpected surprises are still in stock and store for us. The whole soccer strategy will now change this Sunday. The Belgians did its utmost and has bent over backward to win but it lost against France. Belgium  did not demerit at all because they did well on the ground but it just through sheer luck France won.

There were lots of opportunities for Belgium to score but it failed to do so  through the lack of concentration and slowness of the Belgium player namely Lukaku who lost on three good occasions of scoring. His ( Lukaku) timing and lack of concentration and poor performance on the ground are to be severely deplored and criticized.

Notwithstanding France wins the semi-final to reach in the final, it shows little of its performance on the ground not that France we really wanted to see. It was just a mere chance and coincidence for France to score the unique winning goal during a corner session by player Imutti’s head. But France manages to put its head just above water.

The elimination of England could be now a blessing for Croatia . The question one always asks: Would France be able to face up Croatia this Sunday the 15th July 2018  bearing in mind that the two teams, France and Croatia play each their own type of football culture and their manoeuvres on the ground differ at the root. This could handicap either team during the 90 minutes game on the ground. We noticed that problem during the match between England v Croatia on Wednesday last when England could hardly put up with the tactical manoeuvres of Croatia.  England lost by 2 goals to 1 and Croatia qualified for the final.

I think in all fairness, it won’t be an easy game for each team to hold the Cup this Sunday. France has still got to crack a very hard nut called CROATIA before even talking of coming out victoriously.

On the other hand, let us not underestimate the strength, energy and the tactical hard way of Croatia attack which can make France sweat blood.  It is very difficult to predict which team is going to win this world cup because we are talking of two teams, with different styles and culture of their performance on the ground and even where their training is different.