PRAY FOR THEM : Coronavirus Dictatorship Under Netanyahu

Will Israel be, by the coming Monday, under total shutdown due to the Coronavirus?

Because of the Coronavirus we have not been informed – or the Zionist press has deliberately that last Wednesday (18th of March 2020) that Israel’ s Parliamentary was on the verge of collapsing. Or was it an Israel coup?

Do you know that a majority of the KNESSET members who have just been elected requested an immediate vote to appoint a new speaker but the speaker of the former KNESSET stopped the election of the new speaker by adjourning the KNESSET to the 23rd of March 2020?

Is Benjamin Netanyahu still in power? Yes, he is.

Netanyahu has been a caretaker Prime minister for more than 14 months now. The president has given Benny Gantz the responsibility to form a new Government but the powerful man remains-to the dismay of the majority of Palestinians-Benjamin Netanyahu. While Benny Gantz is mustering all his energy to form a new Government the minority Government of Benjamin Netanyahu is shutting down Israel and worse is pushing Draconian invasions of privacy (through all sorts of gadgets) while Likoud members of the Knesset are doing their utmost to prevent any form of Parliamentary oversight. And yet some so called independent and objective editorialists of the Western world will continue to call Benjamin Netanyahu a democrat.

Brute force has always been at the core of Israel’s history. Let’s go back to the history of Israel to understand that the world Zionist movement is behind any Government of Israel and not vice versa.

According to some history books in the early months of Israel’ s foundation some very senior and active members of the IRGUN underground group (the IRGUN GROUP) was a Zionist terrorist- to the true sense of the world if we follow the Israel’s definition of terrorist- that was very active during the MANDATE PALESTINE between 1931 and 1948 when it ceased its operations. The IRGUN GROUP was an offshoot of the older and larger Zionist paramilitary organisation Haganah.) urged their leader Menachem begin to take power by force. But history tells us that Begin who was at heart a democrat rejected that option and Resigned himself to 29 years of traverse du dessert under a then domineering mapaj (labour) Government.

  • In 1967 , the Butchered of Palestinians ,general Ariel Sharon encouraged his closed colleagues in the general staff that they should not hesitate for one second to lock all the cabinet members in and to announce to the people of Israel that the Army had taken control.
  • Generally the transitions of power has gone smoothly in Israel .The first election was held in 1949.Labour has ruled Israel for half of the time and the rest of the time the Likud party and the short Liued Kadima party for the rest . In 1977 Begin after eight consecutive defeats (a record….) finally won power there was a general non materialized fear. That the Labour Party will not relinquish power.
  • In Israel the Zionist movement thinks that it is in the under interest if the state that government can come & go President , Prime Ministers and judges have been held to Account . Do you remember that Ehud Olmert (He was the 12th Prime Minister of Israel from 2006 to 2009 and also served as mayor of Jerusalem from 1993 to 2003 was sent to person & served his sentence.

And today it is the first time that a majoring of newly elected members have been blocked and made important by an outgoing ignoring government and from exerting in the voters.

This Likud is claiming that they are working in the national interests whereas the opposition &  who is the government ? Asinine Question! Only wants to control the Knesset to pass personal law to kill Benjamin Natanyahu  who is an indicted prime minister .

Israelis don’t vote for a Prime Minister in there General elections Israelis don’t  vote for a government Israelis don’t vote for a colizion. Israelis vote for Knesset parties and political partiesare the sole sovereigns democratic power in Israel.

Israel is now facing his biggest historical constitutional crisis ever will the Zionist movement allow Israel to crumble to ineritza? Under the Zionist movement invisible will the blue & white leader benny gantz Ready to set in a national Unity Government under Benjamin Netanyahu in a rotation in the prime minister’s office ?

The coronavirus pandemic is a good excuse to flush any electoral pledge Benjamin Netanyahu will then use power to crush the palestinians , Arabs and Iranians to stay in power as per the Grand Design. Of the Zionist  movement.

May be I am wrong!

Or maybe I am Right!

Time will tell….