PRAY FOR THEM : Israel & Impunity

Palestinians have unanimously protested against the reiteration of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex all Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank under international law. The building of settlements (for Jews only) is illegal. The Zionist movements have been doing so even before the creation of Israel. After the wars of 1948-1950 the Zionists (with the whole world as accomplice) have been constructing Jewish settlements (I must emphasize for Jews only to show the Apartheid & fascist tendencies of the Zionist movement) over the ruins of the Palestinian towns and villages all over the 78 percent of historic Palestine they controlled. And after the 1967 war, Israel captured the remaining 22 percent of historical Palestine. The Israelis did not waste their time to construct Jewish (only Jewish) homes in the occupied territories. The United Nations has voted several resolutions to declare that settlements are a gross violation of international law. There are today more than 600,000 Jews living in Jewish settlements only in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The secretary general of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Saeb Erekat has immediately called on the international community to take actions after the 1st September declaration of Benjamin Netanyahu. But who cares? The whole world is very hypocrite about the fate of the Palestinians. Erekat writes on twitter “those who claim settlement announcement should face reality: Israel’s P.M is announcing further annexation of occupied territory” and Saeb Erekat rightly said: “enough impunity: there’s an international responsibility to impose sanctions on Israel after decades of systematic crimes”. Enough impunity but unfortunately any independent observer of the Palestinian ordeal knows that impunity thrives wherever Israel is. Which country would have survived all the resolutions condemning its policies on a plethora of issues? Israel flouts international law everyday with impunity.

We must not forget that President Trump has already recognised Israel 1981 annexation of the occupied Golan Heights. The occupied Golan Heights belongs to Syria. And the annexation of Golan Heights has remained without any response from Syria. How can Syria respond when it is mired in the quagmire of civil war. Israel will do everything to further weaken Syria as it did during Iran-Iraq war.

We must not also forget that in June 2019 David Freedman the right wing Us ambassador to Israel said (again with the whole world staying mute) that Israel had the right to annex the West-Bank.

We must not forget that Netanyahu is on one issue true is his word. Netanyahu has never failed to honour his Zionist stance to destroy the Palestinians, Arabs and others… The general elections will be held on 17th September 2019. And to win Benjamin will woo the far right votes and it is apposite to note what he said on Sunday last:

With the help of God we will apply Jewish sovereignty to all communities, as part of the Biblical land of Israel and as a part of the State of Israel

On the other hand it is worrying that the United States will not be releasing the Israeli Palestinian peace plan before the next Israeli general elections. Why? Is it because

  1. The peace plan will anger the Palestinians to such a degree that there will be unprecedented unrest in the occupied territories
  2. Of the treasons (impending of Jordan (never forget black September!) Egypt, Saudi Arabia which will form part of the so called American peace plan
  3. The left wing will feel so sorry for peace that its voters will vote to oust Benjamin Netanyahu!
  4. The other allies of Israel specially in Europe will be politically embarrassed
  5. The peace plan has no plan for peace as it will not propose “any State” to the Palestinians
  6. The peace plan contains more annexations
  7. The peace plan might in the end favour Gantz and Lapid
  8. The plan might sever the special relationship Trump-Netanyahu!

But… definitely peace is not on the agenda of Israel. The Zionists (in America & elsewhere) are planning to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

We have also noted that the former lawyer of Trump, Jason Greenblait, has openly stated that he will resign after the peace plan is made public… Why? Nothing is coincidence in the stratosphere of International politics…