Be thankful to God : Ramadan … The great month is coming

Thanks God! I am blessed to have taken birth on the island of Mauritius.

After the fastings of Cavadee and Maha Shvratree, I am fully in the midst of ‘Carème Chrétien’ where I am doing my best to read anew the Bible, and the time is coming fast for the great month of Ramadan.

I have been observing the month of Ramadan since I was 15 years old, with the blessings and encouragement of my mum. Today,  I have a supportive family. Ramadan will be observed. Strictly observed.

Due to my frail health, doctors have recommended that I don’t fast this year. Last year also, doctors have advised in the same vein. But my faith is telling me to observe dutifully the month. From Sehri to Iftar…


Because the Holy Book, the saintly Holy Quran, was revealed to the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during Ramadan.

Because it is the month of blessings.

Because it is the month of giving. Please give to the poor and not to friends, as it were a birthday party.

Because I have experienced it is good for my health and it is good for health, as proven scientifically.

Because I love when all members of my family (Arshad, Haafizah, Rama Jnr, Zara  and Taslima) are all together in the kitchen preparing meals for us and the downtrodden.

The perfume of Iftar is great… Thousands of other reasons… Because we love God.

Oh Ramadan, waiting for you!

Thanks God…