By  Ahmad Macky     

Something is definitely cooking in the labour political pot. There have been several private and secret committees held at Plaine Verte , Vallée Pitot and Camp Yoloff by political activists and certain politicians  recently on a new political strategy to urge new members of the Labour party to reflect upon whether or not there should be a drastic change in the Ramgoolam’s old guard. Certain political strategists want to bring forward a new born Labour party under a new leader.

All the signs and symptoms of such political changing strategy about the formation or creation of a new Labour party without Navin Ramgoolam and some of his old guard is on the cards as an indication to modernize the whole structure of the Labour party.

First we have the leader, Navin Ramgoolam who has stated in the press  recently that as long as he is the leader, there won’t be a second Labour party. Could this statement of Ramgoolam be a warning to Labour MP Shakeel Mohamed who has said in a press interview of his aspiration of becoming a political leader himself? Is this a challenge or a mere aspiration of Shakeel Mohamed for showing his political ambition which is his lawful right as an individual?  Mr Shakeel Mohamed has stated in a press interview in LE DIMANCHE-L”HEBDO  dated  the 23rd April 2017 and I quote : “ Dans quelques années, si Dieu le veut et si j’ai le soutien de la population et du parti, pourquoi pas aspirer à être le numero un.”. Is this also a message  from Navin Ramgoolam to Arvin Boolell that as long as he (Navin) exists, no one can take over the leadership of the Labour party.

Most political observers know that there exists a cold war between Ramgoolam and Boolell over the leadership of the Labour Party. Boolell has never made it a secret of his aspiration to become one day the leader.  Ramgoolam has never been politically honest with Boolell in so far as his political ambition is concerned.  Still , Ramgoolam is gradually losing ground on the leadership race as in time to come, most political experts reckon that Boolell will win such a race due to his clean political records and of his gentleman nature, contrary to the gloomy character of Ramgoolam.

Let us not forget that there are some senior members of the Labour party who are silent but can emerge as leader at any time. No one knows their ‘modus operandi” for the time being but are quite ripe for leadership. What about as example politicians of the like of Kailash Puryag, Anil Bachoo and Mookeswar Choonee?

We know that Dr Arvin Boolell is a diehard ‘labourite’ whose hard working commands respect. So was Ringadoo, but neither of them could become leader of the Labour Party or PM. We all know the real reasons behind this. Precisely for the same reason that Paul Bérenger could never become a PM, despite having ,” énormement contribué pour le MMM pendant les 45 années qui se sont écoulées” said a  Member of Parliament. But I should add that there has been an exception only once when Bérenger pulled up SAJ to the primeministership. Berenger was rewarded for a PM job for hardly 2 years. I repeat that this was an exceptional case under exceptional circumstance.

The eggs are on the way to be hatched. So it is a question of time as something is definitely cooking in the political pot of the Labour PARTY. Is the birth of a separate new born Labour party under way? This is the question on the lips of many political observers these days! Certain members know fully well what is taking place but refuse to make comments as they prefer to keep such information close to their chest for fear of reprisal from their  leader. Could there be a sort of “coup d’état”at any time within the Labour party over the next leadership? It would appear that the youngsters of today are gradually changing their mindset over traditional political leaders of the like of Ramgoolam and want a complete change with a transitional new leader.