[Document] Affaire Sobrinho : La présidente institue une commission d’enquête !

Développement de taille dans l’affaire Platinum Card impliquant la présidente de la République, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim.  Contre toute attente, la présidente a mis sur pied cet après-midi une commission d’enquête pour faire la lumière sur toute l’affaire Alvaro Sobrinho. C’est sir Hamid Moollan, Queen’s Counsel qui présidera la commission d’enquête.

Les 15 Terms of Reference de cette commission se lisent comme suit:

  • « To gather all information in relation to the application of the investment banking licence made by companies or entities directly or indirectly owned by Mr. Alvaro Sobrinho at the Financial Services Commission »;
  • «To investigate into the due diligence carried out by the Financial Services Commission on the companies or entities owned by Mr. Alvaro Sobrinho »;
  • « To investigate on to whether the Financial Services Commission, Bank of Mauritius and/or any such other regulatory bodies or Governmeent departments, had received adverse reports on the companies or entities owned directly or indirectly by Mr A. Sobrinho and to report on the action taken thereto » ;
  • «To investigate whether there has been interference by any person(s) in such a manner so as to facilitate and/or influence the granting of the Investment Banking Licence » ;
  • «To investigate into any matter within its remit, seek any information from any stakeholder and/or any person, which is necessary to satisfactorily discharge its duties »;
  • «To investigate and report on all aspects of the application of the licence » ;
  • «To seek information from all available sources including overseas » ;
  • « To scrutinize all documents in relation to the application of the licence » ;
  • « To investigate the circumstances in which H.E The President was appointed on the board of the PEI » ;
  • «To investigate the circumstances and rationalize of issuing a Barclays Platinum Card to H.E the President of the Republic » ;
  • « To look into and scrutinize all transactions of the Platinum Card by H.E the President » ;
  • « To inquire into and report as to the circumstances leading to the publication of confidential banking records in the press » ;
  • « To inquire into the relevant mechanisms utilized and the parties involved in order to leak the banking records to the press » ;
  • «Make such recommendations as may be considered to be of public interest » ;
  • «To report its findings and make any recommendations deemed necessary in relations thereto ».