Electors not finding their names on voters’ registered list 2024 general election!

By Ahmad MACKY

During a door-to-door visit in constituency No 17, Curepipe last week, two Opposition MPs, namely Hon Michael Sik Yuen and Richard Duval, have been told by residents that there is a serious anomaly on the list of voters for the 2024 general elections. The two MPs were shocked to learn from certain residents in Curepipe area that their names were not figured on the voters’ registered list for the 2024 general elections.

Notwithstanding the visit of officers from the Office of Electoral Commissioners to those residents in constituency No17, (Curepipe) who took details of residents including their identity card details, one would think those Electoral Officers have done their jobs accordingly but it is not the case at all, far from it! When the said residents checked the list of registered voters, their names were not shown. So, it is evident that such a serious anomaly is confirmed without any doubt.

Let’s hope that these forthcoming general elections will be free and fair this time. Let’s hope also that genuine voters won’t find their names missing on the voters’ list like in 2019 general elections.

Both the voters and the Authority concerned should be vigilant this time so that no election rigging takes place. We should never trust foreign political observers who are normally paid exorbitant fees from the tax payers only to supervise the conduct of our general election. These Foreign Observers are just an eyewash, nothing more, and nothing less! They are only here for the gallery, Ladies and Gentlemen! Never trust them!

We were even told that in both the 2014 and 2019 general elections, Israel political observers were employed to supervise our general elections. How far is this true? One keeps wondering! Perhaps we have overlooked this issue at that time, no wonder why we had all those problems of allegations of election rigging by certain voters.