“Israel is stealing land”

Pray for them

On the 22nd of August the racist Israeli government announced the approval plans to construct 1,0004 homes in the occupied West Bank. To build new homes within the occupied areas a committee under the aegis of the defence Ministry must approve and give its green light. Since Donald Trump took over the amount of illegal decisions by Israel against the Palestinians is on the rise.

According to Peace Now, a non-governmental organisation which closely monitors the expropriation of the lands of the Palestinians, 400 homes have received final approval for construction, 10 will begin within weeks whereas the remaining 608 homes are only awaiting the final go ahead. The Israeli defence minister Avigdor Liberman has vowed that new constructions will go ahead as a response to the stabbing of three Israelis in July. The approval of 370 homes are to be constructed within the Adam settlement which is illegal and in gross violation of international law.

What is shocking with these latest approvals?

96 % of the constructions will take place in isolated settlement that according to Peace Now: “Israel will have to evacuate within the framework of a two state agreement”.

Peace Now in a statement said the Israeli government is also planning to promote hundred more housing units by issuing tenders and planning for the construction of not less than 300 housing units in the illegal Beit El settlement which is located to the North of Ramallah.

All human rights organisations consider the settlements illegal and a violation of international law. The Palestinians are often blamed by the Israelis of inciting violence. Laughable argument when we know that today some 600,000 Israelis live in settlements (illegal and against international law) in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem territories which were captured by Israel in the 1967 war.

The fast track settlement plans are a serious threat to any chance of peace in the short term. Liberman officially said in May that he is personally looking to it for thousands of housing units to be built in the West Bank by end 2018.

Contrary to all American presidents before him, President Donald Trump has systematically avoided condemning settlement construction. Peace Now says West Bank settlement plans have increased dramatically during the last year. The announcement of a new settlement plan was done on the eve of “Bakreid” which is another example of naked provocation.

The largest illegal settlement is in Modi’in in Illit which is found in the occupied West Bank.

There are more than 65,000 Israeli Jews living there. Mocking the international community that illegal settlement has its own mayor!

The occupied area since 1967 is against resolution 242 which was voted on 22nd November 1967 unanimously but up to now not respected by the fascist state of Israel. The resolution simply states that Israel must withdraw from the territories it seized in the 1967 war. The “land for peace concept’ is not followed by the Israelis. The international community recognised Israel based on the 1948 borders, but Israel is the only country in the world which has no boundaries. Why? Because the Zionists want to build the “Grand Israel”. More than 50 years have passed since the 242 resolution and Israel is continuing with raping in front of the world opinion the 242 resolution of United Nations. After the 1967 war Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem and declared it part of its “eternal, undivided capital”. The USA of Trump has recognised what is a gross violation of United Nations … several basic principles of international law state that an occupying power can’t have sovereignty in the territory it is illegally occupying. The international community including the USA views East Jerusalem as occupied territory. But Israel considers East Jerusalem part of its state and the illegal settlements its neighbourhoods…

The settlements are opposed by Israeli Zionist leftists. They believe that Israel should stay within the confines of 1948 borders.

The illegal settlements show that Israeli is a colonial power which does not give a damn what the world thinks…

Rama Valayden