MSM is a party of reject and misfit. The party is littered by those traitors who have neither a conviction nor a robust principle to stir the country into the right direction, where prosperity can lead life without any fear of persecution. This is clearly indicative in the style of management of the whole regime led by someone who is in power but no authority. What we need now is a robust government, transparent and squeaky, clean enough to be able to stand up to the mafia and the drug barons.

What is required is conviction, dedication, physical enthusiasm, moral fire, intellectual alacrity and heroic daring.

The lucky few who have been trusted and given the opportunity to run the affairs of the nation are not allowed to become tyrants and aggressors. There can be nothing nobler than to get a glorious chance to fight for a righteous cause. Remember your metal can only buy you another piece of metal or a plot of land. It cannot buy you wealth, success, love, peace and happiness.

To me it is clearly a failure of the govt. They acted very late in taking any action and indeed in soliciting any international help. Mauritius has got the equipment and the expertise to deal with the situation. NCR confirmed this issue during his BBC NEWS interview and he mentioned several times elsewhere that the tools required are available but left to rot in the warehouse. Clearly delaying tactics have been implemented for a special reason. Make no mistake! Mauritian people are a clever nation. Now why the minister responsible for internal affairs failed to use his own experts to contain the situation until the arrival of international help. Is it lack of trust in our own experts? It sounds like it and rightly so. They are trying to use every means at their disposal to justify their action, even accusing those who disagree with them of being unpatriotic. What a cheap jibe. Those who fall into this trap are just as deluded as their handlers. The next tool they will definitely use is called “character assassination”. Watch the space. Their decision has been catastrophic from the start and they are very much aware of it.

It is a failed regime which has already lost all credibility, only 9 months into its term and we still have 51 months left. This country is like a patient in an intensive care unit nursed by quacks.

You can easily guess the outcome.

Dave Buhorah.