Opinion : Why Aryan Khan is innocent ?

I love Mother India!

India is no longer the symbol of tolerance. Oh Gandhi ji! Oh Valluvar! What is happening is baffling the imaginations of all of us…

The arrest of the son of Bollywood super star is an interesting case to understand what is happening in the land where was born the great Boodha!

The headlines in nearly all newspapers in India are still flooded with all sorts of news concerning the arrest of Aryan Khan.

Aryan Khan is the son of Shah Rukh Khan, one of the most popular actors of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is popular referred as: “King of Bollywood “or “King Khan”!

To understand why Aryan Khan has been targeted we must know that Shah Rukh Khan is branded as an “Anti-Patriot”, “Anti National & other Anti Indian epithets because he has dared to speak against growing religious intolerance in India.

The attacks against Shah Rukh Khan started shortly after Modi came to power in 2015…

Shah Rukh Khan was even compared with Hafiz Saeed, a Pakistani National, who is to be the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. You see how serious the accusation goes. Yogi Adiyanath the Chief Minister of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh is one of the most vocal opponent of Shah Rukh Khan.

Facts to understand the mechanism of a miscarriage of justice happening before our eyes:

  1. Aryan Khan & 7 others were arrested on 2nd October when the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the equivalent of our ADSU, raided a luxury cruise ship where a party was going on & seized drugs.
  2. The cruise ship was not far off the Mumbai coast.
  3. The eight accused were formally arrested and charged a day later. Aryan Khan is charged with consumption of drugs.
  4. The person making the allegation against Aryan Khan is one Aachit Kumar. Aachit Kumar has not been sent to prison. He is still with the NCB.
  5. Aachit Kumar is the supplier of drugs. 2.6 grams of Ganja was recovered from him.
  6. Aryan Khan was invited to the party by Pratik Gaba. Pratik Gaba never mentioned any rave party. Pratik Gaba’s phones & computers were seized to that effect and confirmed same.
  7. Aryan Khan did not go to the cruise ship event with Aarbaz (who was also arrested) but entered together because they know each other. CCTV footings will confirm same.
  8. Aryan Khan claimed through his counsel that his bag was searched twice but nothing was found.
  9. The phone of Aryan Khan was also taken from him when he entered on the luxury cruise.
  10. The court did not accept the request of the NCB to keep Aryan Khan in police cell because no custodial interrogation is required as “sufficient time and opportunity was granted to NCB for interrogation. Hence, they are remanded to judicial custody.”
  11. Aryan Khan & 7 others are in judicial custody & will be until 21st October 2021.
  12. Aryan Khan is presently detained at Arthur Prison.
  13. Aryan Khan is accused of HAVING CONSUMED drugs by the NCB.
  14. Aryan Khan has not been found in any possession of any drug.
  15. NCB says that it has seized:
  16. 13 Grams of cocaine.
  17. 5 Grams of MD.
  18. 21 Grams of Charas/Ganja.
  19. 22 intoxicants.

Now is Aryan Khan a trafficker?

Answer : No.

  • The NCB said Aryan Khan is a regular consumer of drugs but blood tests & other medical tests say otherwise.
  • Is Aryan Khan linked with any International Racket? No proof up to now despite probing his phone calls & other SMS or/and emails.

Why has the court reserved his order on the issue of whether to grant bail or not, if there is no evidence, until 20th October?

This is because both the High Court and the session’s court are shut from October 15th to 19th October due to Dushera festival. Judge V.V Patil of special court in Mumbai will deliver his rulings on the 20th October despite his heavy engagement.

8 reasons why he should get bail:

  1. Aryan Khan has been falsely implicated and there has been no recovery of drugs.
  2. No connection to any use of any drug.
  3. No evidence from SMS, E-mails, WhatsApp chat.
  4. At worst it can only be only consumption.
  5. Recoveries of drugs on other accused cannot be held against Aryan.
  6. Aryan Khan has no criminal antecedents of any Nature whatsoever.
  7. Aryan Khan has strong alibi and there is no likelyhood of him absconding or fleeing away from justice.
  8. No recovery of drugs from Aryan Khan…

Is Aryan Khan guilty until proven innocent?


Activist, Human rights militant Arundhati Roy said:

“These days in India you are arrested and jailed for who you are. Not for what you have done.”

Do you know that two people close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP participated in the raid despite not being the members of the NCB?

It is apposite for me to say that I am not a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. But I did appreciate “Chak De India” where he played the role of a hockey player who is accused of FALSELY taking a bribe from Pakistan to throw away a match because he is a Muslim. A film about Islamophobia. I remain a big fan of Raj Kapoor…