Nizar Banat…

Why did the Palestinian Authority kill him?

Nizar Banat died while being in detention by the Palestinian Authority (yes, I do not make any mistake the Palestinian Authority not the Israeli forces) on June 24-2021.

Nizar Banat was an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority.

Why was he arrested?

Banat published on his facebook page a comprehensive video about a big scandal in the West Bank. Days before there was widespread story that the Palestinian Authority has agreed with the Israeli Government to swap a future delivery of Pfizer vaccines for a supply of one million jabs. Nothing wrong! Oh yes because the one million Jabs from Israel were about to expire.

Nizar Banat did not mince his words against the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY [PA]. Nizar Banat accused the Palestinian Authority leadership of rampant corruption and nepotism.

Nizar Banat made in his video a special plea to the Attorney General, Akkam al Khatib in the following resounding words.

“Before you, Attorney General is a crime of the highest level, show us what you will do if you think your children are equal to other people’s children. However, it seems that you are a partner in this corrupt deal and have reserved your share of the new vaccinations for yourself and your children. You have to serve the public interest. We are not your slaves or Mohamed Shtayyeh’s slaves or anyone else’s. The Palestinians who remain silent do not deserve any better. But I will not be silent.”

Three days before his death Nizar Banat released another damning video against the PA saying among others:

“The Palestinian Authority leadership in the West Bank have always traded in everything. They even sold the weapons which were meant for  the great Palestinian revolution…”

And three sad days later Nizar Banat was dead. PALESTINIAN security forces ( I emphasized again not Israeli) raided his house in the most Brutish way, arrested him and tortured him until he passed away.

Nizar Banat was very popular. He was a harsh critic of the Israeli occupation. But Nizar Banat was also very critical towards the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian political nomenclature. Nizar Banat was followed by hundreds of thousands of views.

Nizar Banat:

  1. Spoke truth to the powerful whether Israeli forces or/ and the corrupt Palestinian political elites;
  2. Spoke the voice of the people and he came from a very poor origin. He was a carpenter & a married person, father of five children;
  3. Experienced the ordeal of the commoners.
  4. Spoke with the pain of the common Palestinians;
  5. Was arrested many times by the Palestinian leadership with the avowed intention to silence him;
  6. Was threatened on a quasi-daily basis;
  7. House was shot at;
  8. Used popular language to sensitize the Palestinian people.

Nizar Banat also announced his candidacy for the Palestinian legislative elections which were postponed by the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas using as lame excuses. Restrictions (true, but not difficult to circumnent) in occupied East Jerusalem. But the truth is that Abbas & the Israelis know very well that HAMAS and independent revolutionaries were going to win by a great margin…

The Palestinian Authority is inept… Impotent and today serving the interests of the Israelis…

Examples (Non Exhaustive)

  1. Brutal Israeli raids of Al-Aqsa mosque during the great month of Ramadan;
  2. The systematic ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah,
  3. The killings of Palestinians,
  4. The destruction of houses,
  5. The murderous Israeli assault on Gaza…

Why was Nizar Banat assassinated? (Yes ASSASSINATED!) ?

  1. To scare all opposition to silence…,
  2. To instil fear into the hearts of the families of deceased;
  3. To demonstrate all opponent that the price of any form of real & constant opposition is DEATH…

Is the death of Nizar Banat “A cas à part”

No! No! No!

Do you know?

  1. That the Palestinian security forces shortly after they arrived in power in 1994 opened fire at the Palestine mosque after Friday prayers killing I I Palestinians and injuring seriously more than 120?
  2. That the Palestinian security forces killed
  3. Member Ammar Al-Araj?
  4. Member Ayman Al Razayna n 1994?
  5. Dr Hussein Aboo Ajwa of Hammas in 2006?

And tortured many others who died in detention or in prison…

Who is to be blamed?

The whole world…

What is the legacy of Nizar Banat?

We must fight tyranny & reform the Palestinian organisations… from grassroots to top level…