PRAY FOR THEM : Legal Actions against Trump-Netanyahu & Aipac…

A war crime is an act that constitutes a gross violation of the laws of war that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility. Peter Von Hagenbach was the first person to be tried by an Adhoc tribunal of the Holy Roman Empire in 1474 for war crime. Peter Von Hagenbach was a knight. As a knight he had a duty to prevent atrocities against soldiers & civilians of a plethora of crimes more specifically murder and rape. The atrocities were committed by him & his troops during the occupation of Breisach, a town situated along the Rhine in the Rhine valley of Germany. Found guilty for the war crimes Peter Von Hargenbach was beheaded at Breisach (see an introduction to the International criminal court by William A. Schabas Cambridge University press, third edition).

Examples of war crimes include internationally killing civilians or prisoners, torturing, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, raping males and females, using child soldiers…

Crimes against humanity consist of various acts-murder, extermination, enslavement, torture, forcible transfers of population, rape, apartheid among others. Hersch Lauterpach is the man responsible for putting crimes against humanity into the Nuremburg Charter.

Attorney F. Mac Mahon, from Washington, filed, on Tuesday 25th Feb 2020, a lawsuit against US president Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, New York governor Andrew Chomo, US ambassador David Friedman, the son in law of President Trump Jared Kushner and others for

  1. Their active involvement in the “DENATIONALISATION and DEHUMANISATION of the Palestine population in occupied Palestine
  2. The installation of an apartheid regime in the occupied Palestinian territories and securing awards of declaratory relief that the Israeli citizen known as Mr Netanyahu is a war criminal and that the issue of the land transfer component of Kushner’s peace plan should be referred to the UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

The defendants are also accused of having financed the theft of real property. Against Benjamin Netanyahu the brave attorney said or rather drafted in his suit that he will shortly become an ordinary Israeli citizen and not eligible for public office unless all three indictments against him are dismissed which are highly unlikely. Mac Mahon concluded that he can be named as a defendant in a civil proceeding.

Mac Mahon drafted in his plaint the following which is very interesting.

“There is abundant evidence that defendant Netanyahu is a war criminal.” But we all know he is … Mac Mahon expatiates to buttress his accusations in the following words:

  • He started an ethnic cleansing/Genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people in 1998 when the world’s attention was focused on the demonstrations occurring in Tiananmen Square. Benjamin Netanyahu initiated an ethnic cleansing/Genocide which resulted in the removal of at least 400,000 Palestinians from the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu has authorised the Israeli army to adopt policies in the occupied Palestinian territories to effectuate extra judicial killings. For example, the Israeli army can now shoot an unarmed Palestinian on sight. Another policy Benjamin Netanyahu adopted is “a bullet for each Palestinian child” see lords of the land page 413.

The suit against Trump, Netanyahu is also directed against AIPAC. Why AIPAC? Because AIPAC as a unique lobbying organisation located in Washington has been carrying out clandestine political campaign financing network in favour of Israel (whether through systematic support for pro-Israeli senators, congressmen & congress women, republican presidential candidates, democrat presidential candidates and against all those who have criticised Israel even mildly) because it represents a foreign country like Israel even though Aipac has failed to register as an agent of Israel. Aipac protects the interests of Israel in the United States of America and is behind a 2 billion dollar money laundering scheme currently operating on United States soil. Aipac officials have made it possible for pro-Israeli donors to send a minimum of 2 billion dollars every year into the occupied Palestinian territories to finance the Israeli army, belligerent settlers and promote the THEFT OF PRIVATE PALESTINIAN LAND & OTHER PROPERTY.

Aipac is one of the top lobbying firms in Washington DC. Aipac writes all the legislation and the congressional. Anti-Palestinian resolutions pertaining to the Middle-East and according to the lawsuit of Mac Mahon Aipac owns Senator Mc Connell.

Aipac officials have encouraged the use of cluster bombs in the occupied Palestinian territories to maximise Palestinian civilian deaths. Aipac works with defendants Cuomo and Guilani to make sure Americans are stripped of valuable first amendment rights by enacting ANTI BDS legislation both at the level of each state and federal.

According to the lawsuit AIPAC are the major reason why the two state solution is dead…

And the reasons why the lawsuit is also against Jared Kushner are:

  1. Because he has a three-fold agenda- (a) Forcible removal of all non-Jews from the occupied Palestinian territories.

(b) Establish for ever Jerusalem as the capital of Israel;

(C) Aid and abet the installation of an Apartheid regime in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Note that Jared Kushner does not think that Palestinians are human beings and therefore can be exterminated during the last stage of the Genocide.

The law suit is well documented and consists of more than 170 pages.

Mac Mahon in 2019 brought a one billion dollar suit against Israeli settlers and the Americans who support them before the District court of Colombia.

Will Mac Mahon & the plaintiffs succeed against such powerful Zionist lobby?

The answer is NO. but at least the law suit will become a useful pedagogical tool in the hands of all those who support the Palestinian cause. But, the American public opinion is changing. Bernie Sanders is not scared despite being a Jew himself to criticise the racist policies of Israel…

Let’s conclude on this interesting phrase on the Zionist lobby Aipac stated by Mac Mahon:

“If Aipac was active during the colonial days patriot TOM PAYNE would have been hanged for advocating independence for the colonies.”

Yes ! And Mac Mahon deserves our kudos


  • Thanks to my friend John Levin of Washington who sent to me the whole brief of Mac Mahon.
  • AIPAC – American Israel Public Affairs Committee.