Covid-19, with its various variants, is causing havoc in the world. Everywhere, governments are at pain to convince people to keep all the precautions during the festive period.

Israel is happy because the world focus is not on the Palestinians. The silent genocide of the Palestinians is going on before our own eyes. And impotently, we are not doing anything, our leaders are blind and deaf. Scared, the majority of our politicians are of Israel. Some of our local politicians have reacted this year only because there was a wave of sympathy. Some politicians have reacted merely for political votes. It’s good to be seen as a supporter of the Palestinian cause if you have in your constituency some Muslim electors.

Hypocrites! I hate you all! How can you play politics with the lives of millions of Palestinians?! When was the last time you heard a member of our National Assembly addressing the House of our national stand against Israel for its genocidal treatment of the Palestinians? Despite the furore caused by the Israeli army, not a single member put a question… Why? Don’t think they are so stupid or oblivious as to what was going on, but why did they not? If you are a member of the National Assembly for constituencies no 2 and 3 and your political blood support comes from the Muslim vote bank, but why did they fail to do so? Are they scared? Are they under the whips of some invisible pro-Zionist Lobby? Have their half-baked leaders threatened them? I leave it to your intelligence to find the obvious answers…

But in the meantime, the millions of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are having water which is unfit for animal consumption. Human rights organisations working in the Gaza Strip and Israel have warned about the deadly situation which has been exacerbated by Israel’s attack in May.

The water crisis

How can we forget that water is the source of life? It affects every Palestinian living in the coastal enclave.

The two million Palestinians living in the enclave controlled by the mighty Israeli army are suffering atrociously. Parents have to do enormous sacrifices to buy their drinking water from private suppliers (also controlled by Israel) because the water network does not “work”. Why?


  1. There are long power cut-offs.
  2. The water is full of microbes.
  3. It’s too salty to drink.
  4. The water is so heavily polluted that children are doomed to be affected by water-borne disease.

And why am I saying that the crisis has worsened?

  • Because of the punishing Israeli blockade, which is against international law. President Biden is ready to confront President Putin on the Ukrainian issue but will remain deadly silent on the ordeal of Palestinian kids.
  • Because of the reduction of humanitarian funding. (Do you remember how the Zionist Lobby managed to convince the Americans under President Trump to cut nearly all humanitarian aid to the Palestinians?)
  • Because of the series of Israeli military attacks. And the most vicious was last May…

Human rights organisations have described the water as “undrinkable”. The water tastes like sea water. The Palestinians cannot use the water to drink, cook or even to the wash the faces of babies and old people.

And often, as if to punish the Palestinians because they dare to resist the Israeli army, the water comes mixed with sewage…

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), both the salinity and the nitrate levels in Gaza’s ground water are sub-standard for safe drinking water. WHO said that more than 50% of Gaza’s children suffer from water-related illnesses. Gaza would be an unliveable place soon… the United Nations said 2020…but it is a question of months if we don’t wake up. Israel can spare its army to do the job.

Will the United Nations stand up to Israel which is discharging wastewater into Gaza?

Do you know that Israel, during the war on Gaza in May, targeted the central desalination plant?

Can you spare 10 dollars for the Palestinians every year? One rupee per day? No you can’t! You prefer to buy firecrackers! Are you a Human Being?

Merry Christmas to all Palestinians…

One day you will be queried… What will you say? Now you can’t plead ignorance!

Slowly poisoning…


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