The Desperate Muslim World

There are around 60 Muslim majority nation-states which are banded together under ‘Muslim World’. Most of these are characterized by traits of poverty, insensitivity, callousness, inefficiency, mutual mistrust and rancor. Their lands are rich repositories of precious metals, liquids that could fuel the veins of industrial world and rare elements, every single of them capable of lending them the leadership of the world. But none of the leaders ruling those states are endowed with the adequate knowledge of the worth of what their land possesses and the wisdom to turn them into power. They merely survive and subsist upon exports of these metals and materials. They are even bereft of talent that goes into identifying these deposits, extracting and refining them for export. Greedy businessmen approach them for the purpose, extract the wealth from their bowels of the lands upon which they live, refine it and lay claim of its ownership.

It is not that these owners of the raw material have no colleges and universities or are devoid of educated class. They have these centres of learning in plenty, which disgorge hundreds and thousands of graduates every year. But they are of no use. They only gather rust in these universities.

In reality, everyone in those states, the people as well as their leaders, are victims of inferiority complex and mutual mistrust. It is why no amount of education would turn them into wise and skilled individuals, nor are they ever able to benefit others from their wisdom and skills. They waste their time and talents in meaningless discussions, disputes and mutual recriminations and by heaping insults and infamies on each other. They effectively prove that they are the worst enemy of their individual progress and collective development. When all these result into their own decay, decline, and destruction, they start cribbing about others dominating them. 

Today, Palestine is engulfed by the flames of a devastating war. The relentless bombing the impoverished people who were already living in conditions like an open jail. As a result, nearly the whole of Gaza strip has been reduced to rubble. Added to this is the total blockade of food, water, fuel, electricity and medicines, which has shamed humanity on this brazen collective punishment.

The whole world, including the Muslim world is witnessing this barbarity and savagery by Israel, without doing anything. History will bear witness that the Western and Eastern leaders bragged so much about protecting democracy, promoting human beings, and supporting global peace and stability, and they ran to save Ukraine, considering that it had been subjected to brutal and unjust aggression from Russia and remained silent on the genocide going on in Palestine.

Many Muslim countries have Diplomatic relations involving mutual recognition of each other’s sovereignty and government, exchanging of ambassadors, bilateral agreements, economic ties and mutual cooperation with Israel, in spite that most of their citizens reject the normalisation of that relations

Desperately, in spite of their heavy armed forces, we are left with the urgent need for the international community to come together and create sustained pressure to put an end to this injustice and oppression. Immediate Ceasefire, lifting of siege, providing humanitarian relief and restoring basic amenities, protection to civilians, respect for International law, negotiations should happen without delay. 

By Bashir Nuckchady