The less visible side of the ICJ judgment

When we Mauritians see planes in our skies, what come to our mind is that tourists from other parts of the world come to enjoy our sunshine and our hospitality and go back with a smile on their faces and a tan on their skin.  But for Palestinians planes mean something else especially the last few months – they bring untold chaos dropping bombs causing the destruction of houses, hospitals, schools, museums, roads, bridges and taking the lives of babies, children, women and the old, as well as injuring many more, leaving them no place for a safe haven.

TV pictures have caused much distress to viewers all over the world and have hardened opinions, which brings to mind especially the South Africans who have known the scourge of Apartheid for decades suffering from discrimination and displacement. The latter took Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague for genocide. To remind people, the ICJ as an institution is linked to the United Nations. To laymen the outcome of the ICJ may not have much significance but what has been lost by the numerous commentariats on social media is that:

With the accusations brought before the ICJ, the latter has clarified the concept of genocide, and decided that at least eight of the submissions brought before it by South African lawyers constitute acts of genocide. Further, anybody, any organisation and any country would have a locus standi to sue perceived perpetrators of genocide anywhere in the world. This is a very strong signal to all bigots, fascists and dictators that they would hear the voices of the South African lawyers beckoning them to face the ICJ.

A case brought to the international court may take decades to be concluded but there would come a time when Israel’s claimed impunity as a result of being victims of the WW2 holocaust would be called into question specially by the European countries. Israel is a procrastinator in chief and would lie to drag the court case for years. But it would stand accused for genocide during that period of feet dragging. This also sends a strong signal to those world leaders who use minorities as bogeymen and scapegoats and subject them to all sorts of atrocities and humiliations in their pursuit to win elections as they can be made to face the ICJ on charges of genocide and other crimes.

All the above have been possible thanks to the work of the South African team, proud and legitimate heirs of Nelson Mandela. Multitudes think that South Africa could qualify as the premier leader of the Global South. And we share their thoughts. Mauritius has been playing an important role in the advancement of the Palestinian cause too. Our valiant militants like Rama Valayden, Lindsay Collen and numerous comrades would not mind if we join them in their rejoicing from the comfort of our armchairs and to bow down before them and tell them that we owe them a debt of gratitude.

So, with great sincerity, gratitude and humility to them all, we say “Thank you”.

By Dawood Auleear