The population is taking notes Mr Prime Minister, so beware!

By Dr Samuel Nicholas Duymun

The Labour Party of Navin Ramgoolam has overtaken the MSM of the Jugnauths in this race for general elections 2024. Talking with certain political observers and also to three expert bookmakers at Tombeau Bay last Saturday regarding whose political party will reach the winning post, the three of them were of the same opinion that Labour Party would win the next general election. They even said that the population is taking good notes of the weaknesses and indecisive actions of Pravind Kumar Jugnauth as PM.

As long as MPs like Jeetun, Dookun-Luchoomun, Obeegadoo, Dhunoo, and many others in MSM government, the chance is slim for the Jugnauth government to win the next general election. The PM keeps relying on his marketing on certain projects about making Mauritius a modern country with lots of developments in various fields but he forgets of the nitty- gritty things which are far more important for the people of this country such as jobs, purchasing power, corruptions in various of our institutions, health problem in hospitals, education where 8000 graduates are unemployed, road accidents where over 112 people have died on our roads since January, 2024, where the rich is becoming richer and the poor , poorer , and other domestic issues.

In all fairness, the MSM government has done certain good things because the PM comes out with flying colours on his good actions such as minimum salary compensation, negative income tax, metro express, and other developments such as road infrastructure but in the Mauritian context, that does not work at all and is not enough to conquer the hearts of the population to win an election. Voters will just call this an electioneering modus operandi of any government in power to try to re-win a next general election. Besides, the population is not concerned about all these developments across the country as they have already labelled these government projects as capitalist developments. These are only for the rich and nothing to do for the poor.

What the population can’t stand is the indecisive actions of a rubber stamp PM of the like Pravin Kumar Jugnauth. Here is a classic example: How comes that after the publication of the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs by an ex. High Court Justice where recommendation have been made against certain MPs within the government and other members of same, the PM did not take actions and instead he put another task force to inquire on such Commission of inquiry’s recommendation. If this is not an insult to a prestigious institution presided by an ex-High Court Justice, how does one call this then?

Many of his Ministers and other MPs in the government have committed scandals over scandals and nothing has been done about it. There are even certain cases pending in the court of law, and still he is still kicking about and to make matter worse instead of reforming the structure of his party.

 The Opposition parties are joining hands to make sure that this time, the Labour party will win over nepotism and favoritism. Already many private meetings were held in Plaine Verte, Poudre d’Or, Caroline, GRSE, Camp Ithier and Chamouny as well as across the islands to subdue the MSM with a rubber stamp PM! 

There is also a great probability that Ramgoolam will take on board new blood as candidates. As for the MSM, only time will tell as so far nothing has been decided yet!

Last but not least the Jugnauth government will soon face a political shock to realize that most, if not all Muslims and other minorities will not vote for the MSM for their actions of trying to abolish the Best losers System (BLS). This is what the MSM did exactly on the Muslim Personal Law (MPL) in the old days. And we all know what happened to the MSM after abolishing the MPL!