By The Democrat

Many people were having disturbed sleeps. Modi had forgotten that he was the Prime Minister of India, a country which is home to all the religions of the world and Islam in particular, which has its largest number of followers there and whose adherents chose to stay in India after partition. All politicians use bogeymen for their advantage but Modi had surpassed all red lines. Modi even discovered after the passing away of his mother that he was not delivered by his mother but he was God himself.

To the shame of India, he used all cheapest means to reconquer political power: a vicious communal campaign, dividing Indians on religious grounds, intimidating and jailing opposition leaders, confiscating all government institutions and alluring media into client journalism. This uncivilised behaviour has no parallel in Indian History. Muslims had started wondering whether they belonged to India where they were born and where their forefathers had lived and died for generations.

Indians gave Modi and his filthy rich cronies a violent wake-up from their wild dream of “Ab ki Baar, 400 paar”. His BJP can’t even form a government and need the clutches of petty parties to rule, his score this time was inferior to his last one and Ayodhya, home of Ram Mandir and converted into epicentre of communal politics even made History by rejecting a BJP candidate. 34 out of 52 outgoing BJP stalwarts were beaten. This outcome made someone describe the electoral results as the Indians giving a victory to BJP et al which looks like a defeat and a defeat to the Opposition which looks like a victory.

It is a lesson for politicians who want to leave the learning curve: people live for food when there is no food. The millions of hungry and homeless peasants deprived of livelihood and who lost their kins during Covid were looking for brighter days and rhetorics would not appease their hunger. Their enemies were not their neighbours of different faiths with whom have shared their joys and sorrows but the curse of their impoverishments. And they saved the clean soul of India from the tyranny of division and hatred.

Let us shout in communion: HAMARA INDIA MAHAAN.