[L.E]Religion Cementing Family Values


Family as we know it, is a group of two people or more, related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together, living under one roof and usually under one household.

Individuals are tied together by related group bonds within a family.  Assuredly, the strongest of all societal bonds is that of the family.  Indisputably, the basic family unit is the foundation of any given human society. 


We believe that the family is a divinely Inspired Institution that came into existence with the creation of man. The human race is a product of this Institution. All religions have commandments and laws, for almost every aspect of life, and uphold that happy people are crucial to creating healthy families, and subsequently healthy communities and nation.

Nevertheless, it should be recognised that the present society is faced with a tough challenge of preserving family values, in a society that is not conducive towards preserving them. In spite of all the materialistic advancements, the widespread decadence of family values is open for all to see.

Family Breakdown:

Divorce is widely prevalent and is increasing day by day. Couples end up in divorce over trivial matters and simple disagreements, as someone rightly pointed out. ‘Love at first sight and divorce at first fight’.

Lack of trust among family members is high, due to the prevalence of abuse, extra-marital affairs and violence. Another point to note is, the same couples that can stay together as boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time, cannot stay together as husband and wife and end up in divorce after a while. This proves that the general mentality is hesitant to accept the responsibilities of married life and consequently, the blessings of marriage and family are lifted up from their lives.

Besides, promiscuity and shamelessness are widespread, and free mixing between the two sexes and engaging in behaviours of sexual nature in public are rampant. Most shockingly, there are established institutions in this society that work under legal protection promote and provide opportunities for such promiscuity. The whole entertainment industry and the popular culture are making billions by selling cheap sex to the public. Just to give an example, pornography is billion dollars industry, same as gambling, alcohol and cigarette. Thus, with the uncontrolled consumption of these nasty items, the very foundations of family are being terribly shaken and shattered in the society we are living in.

Social ills:

Breakdown of the families and values are the root cause of most of the social ills, namely, drug addiction, poor health, school drop-out rates, neglect to children and an increase in juvenile crime. Gender based violence (GBV), HIV/AIDS, teen promiscuity, early pregnancy, abortion and teen suicide are most common forms of ill-being caused by family breakdown.

Indeed, our social ills have many causes, but the most far-reaching and devastating effect is the decline and breakdown of the family. Common sense tells us of the connection, of the cause and effect of family breakdown and the loss of family values; yet we keep talking about, worrying about and working on the effects and ignoring the causes.

Since the blame for these problems has been placed on loss of family values, it is not surprising that various researches have concluded that the logical solution to the problem is the re-unification of the traditional family structure and the accompanying deterioration of basic religious values.

Role of Religions:

Therefore, the role of religions to cement our family and moral values is of dire importance. All religions teach us that the family is a divinely inspired institution that came into existence with the creation of man. The human race is a product of this institution. The strongest of all societal obligations is that of the family. The basic family unit is the foundation of a healthy society and this is true for all religions.

God first created the man and then his pair – the woman. That’s how the first family arrived. The basic family unit, i.e. the man and the woman – the husband and the wife – is established only by marriage. There is no institution or mechanism better than the family, which can convey good moral values. It is not permissible for a man and a woman to live in couple without being married. It is purely and simply immoral and unethical and all religions are agreeable to this fact. The Children’s Bill voted recently testifies to a certain degree to this fact.

It is a proven fact that religious parents have more cohesive family relationships, and fewer conflicts in their marriage, and the adolescents in these families are better at regulating their emotions and actions.

Being part of any religion as an organized institution offers community an emotional stability to the family and helping the members to support one another in difficult times. It helps guide members of the family about the values and behaviours that are “good” or “bad” for the group. 

People who are religious are more connected to one another and possibly more compassionate. Religion is helpful to family life. It enhances the family’s social network and by encouraging family members to petition God for help with family problems. Compassion, unselfishness, responsibility, fidelity, strong work ethic, honesty, determination and a sense of interdependence within a family, are all Religious principles of proven worth.

Religions construct its system based on morality; on the other hand, our legal system does not promote the concept of morality. Sadly, NOT all legislation is the imposition of morality on people – All that is legal is not moral, similarly all that is moral is not legal; for instance, open sexuality, abortion, the definition of marriage, promiscuity and adultery and many other issues have come under the caption of “freedom.”


To conclude, I will say that ONLY the religious values can create a conducive environment at home. Children who grow up in stable environments foster strong relationship, learn better habits and possess more self-control. Happy families that lead their lives on moral values, tend to be more productive and become law-abiding. They learn well, behave well and become good citizens. Religions is without any iota of doubt the cement for family Values.

Bashir Nuckchady

NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction et n’engagent que les auteurs eux-mêmes.