The population wants a change of governance because they said they had enough. Today, what do we see?  There is a general deterioration of the living condition of human beings. What has really caused such a downgrading of our normal standard of living lately? What has gone wrong? Is it the system of administration due to bad governance or too much power corrupts, or is it the nomination of wrong people in places they are not supposed to be?

Since 2014 till today the population is suffering too much in all aspects of the day-to-day existence. Anyone who has got an iota of common sense will say that tens of thousands people are living in absolute and extreme poverty in the country. In the outskirts of Mauritius like Vallee-Pitot, Roche-Bois, Pointe-aux-Sables and other remote parts of the island many people can’t afford a square meal a day and some even go to bed at night without any food. Such is life these days in Mauritius.

And yet this government keeps telling us that there are lots of developments in Mauritius. It is true to say we have lots of developments, but what kinds of developments? We have such developments, transforming beautiful panoramic view of green verdure country sides into massive concrete buildings all over towns, cities and country sides. Such is a general degradation of our green environment that has today been a danger causing the horror of climate changes.

Many ordinary people, these days are not living but merely surviving. Only when the general elections are near that this government tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the population by increasing the minimum salary compensation. But believe me, this increase of employees’ wages on minimum salary compensation won’t last long if this government comes to power again. Let me remind our Old Age Pensioners what did this government did to their monthly pension last year! Their monthly pension of Rs13, 500 was withdrawn and changed to Rs 10,000 for the 60’s and Rs 11,000 for those over 65 years.

A survey done by certain economists have shown through their analysis that our country has already gone to the dogs. These economists reckon that from the way things are going on, Mauritius could see itself facing bankruptcy soon.

Our system of good governance is a total failure. How comes that such a peaceful country like Mauritius is declining so badly? Could it be because our democracy is a fake? There is definitely an autocratic system which controls all our institutions where there is no freedom of information where our citizens are living in fear of being repressed. Many of our institutions are not performing at all. The public has lost complete confidence in most of all our institutions such as the police, health and educational sectors, CEB and CWA just to name a few!

Over 75% people are jobless and 15% others are under employed with peanut wages. Many university graduates are unemployed and most of them have emigrated to foreign countries for jobs. Such an exodus of Mauritian jobless graduates to foreign countries is a brain drain catastrophic situation for Mauritius. No wonder why there is a general lack of competence in most of our institutions.

Another aspect that is affecting most people is the economy, especially home economy. Most consumers in this country could not make both ends meet. Food prices in supermarkets are too high. It is because of the importation of food commodities from foreign countries. The ministry of Commerce is never at rest with consumers due to hoarding of certain basic food commodities by certain dishonest proprietors of shops and supermarkets.

Time will soon tell us whether or not the ordeals and agony that ordinary people are facing day by day will be over should another new political regime come to power. The question is: will a change of government be better or be worst? Only time will tell!

All the signs and symptoms of general elections with a change of government are manifesting itself across the country. The population has got to be careful about their desire to change a government. They have to be sure whether or not the next government would answer to their needs.  If not it will be as the adage says: “out of the frying pan into the fire!”

By Ahmad MACKY