Another traitor to the Palestinian cause on the long list of the Palestinians: Bahrain. After the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain has agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Bahrain will join the United Arab Emirates in signing the agreement concocted by the Trump administration on Tuesday 15th September.

Bahrain is officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain which is a sovereign State situated in the highly volatile region of the Persian Gulf. The Island-Nation is in fact a small archipelago made up of 40 beautiful natural Islands and an additional 51 artificial islands which are peppered around the main island which makes up the gross majority of the country’s landmass. The main island is called as the Bahrain Island.

For those who are interested with human civilisation they will recall that Bahrain is the site of the Dilmun civilization. The Dilmun civilization was a sort of mid exchange port. A trade route between the Mesopotamia (the land between two-rivers Tigris & Euphrates) and the Indus Valley civilisation (the Tamils) which is close to the sea and to Artesian Springs.

Why the new agreement is important to Israel? Simply to divide the Arabs. On the economic front Bahrain is the 5th richest Arab country. Its economy ranks 23rd in the world but it is one of the countries in the world where the inequality between rich and poor is very wide. The current population of Bahrain is around 1.8 million people. The Bahrainis consist of around 45 per cent of its population.

Bahrain was one of the earliest areas to convert to Islam. In fact the conversion to Islam happened during the very lifetime of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 628 CE.

The announcement of the agreement comes less than a month after the United Arab Emirates agreed to boost ties and work towards full diplomatic relations with Israel. Foreign ministers from both Gulf States will sign the pact of agreement with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday 15th September 2020.

It is clear that the Jewish lobby in the world is using all its levers to encircle the Palestinians. With the powerful help of the Trump administration they will persuade the Gulf monarchies (corrupt to the core) to normalise relations with Israel.

We must not forget that the chief US negotiator is Jared Kushner who is the son in law of President Trump. Kushner is a staunch Israelite and the next in line for the Americans is David Friedman (an anti-Palestinian who is the US Ambassador to Israel).

More and more countries will rush to join Israel. Why? Because the Jewish lobby know that the time is ripe because of the divisions in the Arab world and the divisions among the Palestinians. The Jewish lobby will do everything to re-elect Trump who is a special agent for them. The Gulf monarchies are paving the way for Saudi Arabia to normalise ties with Israel which will happen once King Salman passes away. It must be clear in our minds that the Gulf monarchies would not have done so without the Saudi approval. But the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed Bin Slam (widely known as MBS) does not have the support of King Salman on that issue…

In the meantime the list of traitors will increase. My forecast is Kwazi Morroco and Oman. Why? Because without the support of the Americans and the intelligence services of Israel they will be out of power…

Palestinians must rely on their own forces and those who believe in justice.

Palestinians will win!