PRAY FOR THEM : The great escape…

Six Palestinian prisoners made a mockery of the so called high security prison in Northern Israel on Monday sixth September by escaping…

Breakdowns from Israel’s prisons are a very rare occurrence. The six Palestinian prisoners are heroes. They escaped from the Gilboa prison which is labelled to be one of the most secured in the world.

The initial investigation into the escape revealed that they towelled out of the Gilboa prison while the cameras of strict surveillance were working perfectly but none of the specially trained guards in the High Tec control room noticed.

Do you think before the great escape that the Israelis-even trained and under heavy high powered drugs will fell asleep during the escape? No! And you were under the impression that they never sleep while on duty…

The six Palestinians prepared their plan methodically.

  • They escaped at approximately 3.30 AM after having observed the guards and their shifts for months.
  • They have entered the bathroom in their cells at about 1.30 AM and lifted on the floor.
  • They jumped into a hole of ten metres (yes, ten metres!) and crawled for about hundred metres where they exited some metres away from the prison’s wall and… directly under a watchtower.
  • According to Israeli secret services the Gilboa prison will undergo an intensive inspection in the coming days for other tunnels which have been dug by other Palestinian detainees.
  • Four of the six detainees were serving multiple life sentences.
  • One of the detainees is a former Fatah party leader in the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The other five Palestinian are Islamic Jihad members. The leader is Zakariya Zubeidi.

What makes the Israelis a laughing stock is the fact that the six men were “Highly dangerous” and three of them were classified as “Highly likely to escape”.

I see that great escape as a great psychological victory against the Israeli security system.

Do you know that one of the detainees was held under administrative detention under International law?

Do you know that administrative detention is considered illegal under International law?

And even if all of them are tracked and arrested I still believe that the moral of the Israel security services including Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet which is notorious for the controversial methods it uses against Palestinians.


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