Ramadhan – The Unparalleled Month

In this second to none month of Ramadhan, Allah opens his unlimited treasure and invite us to capitalise on this golden opportunity. Allah sent this blessed month as a gift to mankind. It’s harvest time. Epoch to reap the fruits of reward. Even the smallest good action is requited manifold. Ramadhan is the month we hope to never end when considering the countless blessings it manifests. It serves as a reset button, allowing us to refocus on our lives and renew our Imaan, our trust and our intentions. Allah has legislated Ramadhan for gaining Takwa (God consciousness). Time to get closer to Him. Time to connect with Him. Time to repair our relationship with Him. Time to communicate and improve our rapport with Him. Time to pour out what is in our heart to him. Allah sent dua as a powerful weapon to humanity. Dua is the most uplifting, liberating and empowering conversation a person can ever have, make sincere dua and leave the rest to Him.

It’s also time to admit, to confess our mistakes and beseech him for forgiveness. It’s time to implore him to guide us in the right path. This holy month teaches us self-control, self-discipline, reinforces our faith and piety. It enhances our ability to master our desires rather than being enslaved by them. It’s about stopping bad habits and not putting them on pause. This sacred month is a detox period- soul, bodies and personalities are purified. An extensive training month to become a better Muslim. Ramdhan is like the rain. It nourishes the seeds of our good deeds. It is a glimpse of what we are capable to do everyday. As devils are chained, it’s time to test ourselves and to judge ourselves. Namaz, the pillar of Islam, is not just a part of Ramadhan but compulsory forever. Fasting without practising namaz is like remaining hungry. Pray every namaz as if it is the last of our life. If we want to talk to Allah, let’s perform Tahajjud and if we want Allah to talk to us, let’s be an avid reader of Quran, the book of truth which is the words of the ever living Allah. Time to invest and get absorbed in the holy book.

Start Ramadhan with a pure heart and soul. Forgive those who wronged us and let’s seek forgiveness if we were at fault. Muslim must live in unity and solidarity. Let’s reconcile. Let’s cement relationship. Let’s increase togetherness, support and bonds. Remove all acrimonies. Let’s start afresh. One Allah one Kaaba and how great would it be if all Muslims were one too and not divided. If the restorer of the world can forgive our 1000 sins by one good deed or sincere repentance who are we not to forgive human beings like ourselves?

Ramadhan teaches us to acquire patience. Allah is always with those who trust Him and have patience in any situation. A moment of patience in a moment of anger save a thousand moments of regret. Let’s have sabr and leave everything in Allah’s hand. This Ramadhan, let’s mold ourselves, shape ourselves and change ourselves in better persons. Let’s take advantage of the ocean sized benefits Allah is bestowing on us.

Zakaat is mandatory. Islam considers helping the poor a fundamental religious duty. The believers shade on the day of resurrection will be their charity. Let’s feed the poor, the needy and support the orphans. Let’s help alleviate their sufferings. Let’s visit the sick, console those facing calamities. When helping someone, let’s thank them heartily because we are their dunya and they are fixing our akhirah. Remember we need the rewards more than they need the money and provision. Furthermore, sadaqah wipes out sins like water extinguishes fire, averts calamities and increases sustenance and blessings.

Zikr is the constant remembrance of Allah. It is the foundation of god deeds. Zikr is the heart as the water is to fish. Just imagine a fish out of water. Let’s keep our tongue soaked in zikr of Allah. If we could hear the sounds of the pens of angels writing our names among those who remember Allah, we could nearly die out of joy. A place equal to a foot in Jannah is better than this world and whatever is in it. The beauty of sujood (prostration) is we whisper down on earth and it is heard in heaven! We have no right to walk on the land of Allah if we have no time to put our head in sujood. Let’s not count the days of Ramadhan- let’s make the days of Ramadhan count. Every second of our life is precious but more precious is every second of Ramadhan. End of Ramadhan will not be the end but a starting point for a new journey towards the right prescribed path- towards Jannah.

All praises and thanks to Allah for choosing and allowing us to live the holy month of Ramadhan- Godsend Gift

Ramadhan Mubarak to all of you.

By Moustaffa Mudhoo