The Commonwealth Global Women’s Entrepreneurship summit held virtually

As the covid-19 pandemic is still prevailing across the world and following the precautionary measures of social distancing, many organizations have shifted their in-person conferences to virtual meetings. The Commonwealth Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit 21 held its first online 2-days conference on 19th-20th May whereby focusing on women’s entrepreneurship in the emerging tech sectors.

I got the golden opportunity to be among the official attendees of this unique event and it was an enriching experience full of positive insights (from the level of expertise and knowledge to networking scope). The legacy about the event was the ‘Heroine Stories’ where the women entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth countries created a short video sharing their experiences, achievements and their aspirations. These videos were shown all throughout the event and made available to audience globally through social media with the purpose of inspiring other women and girls worldwide.  The invitation of producing a video stands out as a fortuity for me as a citizen of Mauritius, to relate about my journey as a female self-employed photographer on an international platform.

The conference was convened by the world’s largest entrepreneurship community (Global Entrepreneurship Network) GEN UK, which supports entrepreneurship ecosystems across 180 countries; the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN),the UK Government (Women in Innovation Network); and Africa’s largest network of women entrepreneurs (AWEP: African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program) and the featured activities were coordinated on the WorldLabs platform. 

The aim of the summit was to bring together government agencies, incubators and accelerators, funding groups, educational institutions and entrepreneurs for a collaborative purpose of tackling issues faced by women and girls in the society and identifying key solutions that will help in promoting gender equality.

Selveena Parmanum

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