Voisin, Monvoisin

Voisin, Monvoisin- it’s clear from the numerous testimonies that you have indeed been an inspiration to many persons. You’ve had such a positive influence on many people’s life, as testified by Mr Sawaram and Mrs Bholah.
As a Senior Member of the staff and SMT team, you always had some time to spare for some advice. Having been a Union member, your knowledge of labour laws greatly helped us.
You always had a beaming smile. You were always ready to crack some jokes. You made us laugh with your anecdotes of your past experiences in life. In short, when you were around, our stress just faded into thin air.
You were always so jovial.
You were also a very dedicated HOD and Educator. You always had the interest of the students at heart and you were always willing to go the extra mile for them .
MR Monvoisin was a devout Catholic and he strictly observed Easter fasting. He was a dedicated father and always spoke highly of his daughter.
Dearest Mr Monvoisin , your sudden demise is still sinking in.It’s hard to believe that you are no more with us. You have left for your heavenly abode. May God Bless your beautiful soul. May God give your family courage to bear such a tragic loss.

Mrs Nunkoo.