If PM Pravind Jugnauth now thinks that that he has won his Privy Council case, and his father, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Mentor Minister, has won the Chagos case at the International Court of Justice, such “coup double” victories could make his MSM party win the forthcoming general elections, he is greatly mistaken as it would be a serious error of judgement on his part .

If ever Pravind Jugnauth thinks that way, he may be totally wrong ! If ever he calls the Nation to the polls by giving a snap general election, he would commit the same blunder the British PM Theresa May did shortly after the British won a referendum on the Brexit saga where Britain agrees to leave the EU. Pravind Jugnauth will definitely lose the general election if ever he gives an anticipated snap election. A victory at the Privy Council does not mean a victory in a snap election, as simple as that. The PM has got lots of unfinished projects which means he has got no “bilan” to show to the population

Assessing the political situation as it is today, the MSM is far behind the Labour Party notwithstanding their multi capitalist projects the government  is doing across the country. Any political pundit or observer would say that the MSM is today losing ground far behind the Labour Party but with time the same pundits and observers reckon that the MSM could just overtake the labour in the political race. But this remains to be seen. What has really put the MSM far behind the Labour Party? The many scandals  that had happened during the four years  the MSM has been in power are very difficult for society to digest.

The likes of Soodhun, Tarolah, Dayal and Yerigadoo will generally contribute to the general defeat of the MSM should they receive investiture to be candidates at the next general elections. This is for sure ! People had enough of Soodhun meaningless public declarations. Dayal is not someone that one could trust at all. As for Tarolah, no need to make comments as it is crystal clear of his gross indecent actions. Even Minister Leela Devi Dhookun is considered as “un gros poids lourd” in Constituency No 8 because she is far behind in having tackled most of her dossiers in the Educational system. Many graduates are sitting at home without jobs whereas unqualified recruits and others of their partisans are being given jobs in the civil service such as care assistants and in other government centres such as caretakers or attendants.

What are the grievances of majority people against the PM and his MSM-ML government today? The shortages in the supply of water around the island, the 6000 unemployed graduates, the closing of certain textile factories where employees are made redundant, the political dynasty of the Jugnauths, the nomination of political nominees in various sectors, the government use and abuse of State apparatus, the incompetence of many hospital doctors, nurses where patients are not satisfied of treatments, the incompetence of our Police Force. The incompetence of CWA and the MBC towards the Nation, the obsolete system of recruitment of potential civil servants by the Public Service Commission using the basic Cambridge School Certificate instead of using the latest advanced diplomas and degrees of the applicants and people are not too happy with capitalist developments across the island. Prices in the supermarkets are too high for many people to make both ends meet. These are some of the grievances of majority of people whose voices are unheard. But will definitely react at the polling station when election is held.

In 1976, Chacha Ramgoolam thought that by giving free education, he would win a landslide victory at the 1976 general election but he was disillusioned. He had to ally with the PMSD, otherwise he would have lost flatly in said general election. That was history but history could repeat itself if Pravind Jugnauth  gives the Nation an anticipated general election, thinking that his victory at the Privy Council and at the International Court of Justice would bring him political dividends. On the ground, things are different. Many people are not concerned with capitalist development.

According to a declaration made by barrister Rama Valayden in Le Défi Quotidien of 26th February 2019 : “Ce jugement n’est pas déterminant pour gagner les élections générales. Je ne vois pas le PM dissoudre le parlement car ce n’est pas cela qui va jouer un rôle fondamental pour lui faire gagner les élections générales, mais le bilan du gouvernement….”

People are fed up and have had enough with the nauseated declarations of Soodhun. As long as the PM tolerates Soodhun, there is no way the voters will trust Pravind Jugnauth and his MSM. So  beware Mr PM !