“Global Intifada”

The annexations of the Illegal Jewish (only for Jews only) settlements in the occupied West Bank and the fertile Jordan Valley are causing a whirl of protests round the world despite the Covid 19. Israel will annex because the state of Israel knows that all the powerful countries will only “speak against” but no actions will be taken against Israel.

Has the International remained impotent in the recent past?

No! In 2014 Russia captured and annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Sanctions were imposed against Russia by the United States of America, the European Union and other International organizations and countries.

The sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States of America has been extended in December 2019 until 31st July 2020.

Generally, three types of sanctions were imposed:

  • Ban on provision of technology for oil and gas exploration;
  • Ban on provision of credits to Russian oil companies and State Banks;
  • Restrictions to travel on Russian citizens who are good friends (the Putin’s mafia) of President Putin and who were directly involved in the annexations of Crimea.

According to some experts, Russia had lost around 600 billion dollars due to the financial sanctions and loss of revenues from oil and gas.

Furthermore Russia found itself removed from the G8 and its application to the ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION and DEVELOPMENT (OECD).

Russia is not Israel.

Russia is a military superpower. Russia is a key player in International politics and a major trading partner for Europe.

Is there legally a difference between the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 and the impending Israeli annexations of the West Bank and the fertile Jordan Valley?

Against Russia there was a political will but against Israel there is a blindness that will shock our future generations…

The Zionists have been doing “things smartly”:

  1. Very astute International campaign which is ongoing;
  2. Systematic portrayal of Israel as the victim and the Palestinians as blood thirsty terrorists;
  3. Tough diplomatic service;
  4. Lobbying by the best lobbyists everywhere in the world. Don’t think the Zionist lobby only the Senate and members of the House of representatives in America;
  5. Destruction of any politician who is critical of the policies of Israel and who is pro-Palestinian. See how the Zionists have destroyed Jeremy Corbyn the former leader of the Labour Party;
  6. Support to any politician or political party round the world which is pro-Israel or who will be “blind & deaf” to the apartheid policies of Israel.


  • Have you forgotten that the world did not react when the United States of America moved its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?
  • Have we become amnesic to the facts that the whole world failed to react when Israel annexed, against International law, the occupied Syrian Golan Heights?

The Arab League condemned Israel’s plan to annex the West Bank and the fertile Jordan Valley in April. The Arab League said the annexation would constitute a ‘New War Crime’ against the Palestinians. On one issue the Arab world is right: a New War Crime!

But what will the Arab League do? Be assured and reassured, you Zionists, as the Arab league will do nothing…

The United Nations and the European Union have warned Israel not to annex but what will they do? Another resolution! But be assured, you Zionists, there will be no sanctions.

Oh Palestinians! Rely on your own force. Don’t even rely on the Palestinian Authority! Another Intifada! A Global Intifada!