Protestors across the UK took to the streets to demonstrate against the Queen’s approval to prorogue the British parliament on the request of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. It would appear that Johnson had twisted the arms  of the Queen whilst on holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in order to get a sort of a forced approval to suspend parliament from mid-September to 14th October 2019. The whole objective of this cowardly anti-constitutional exercise of Johnson which is indeed a constitutional Coup d’État is to reduce MP’s ability to influence changes to the Brexit deal or seek a delay.

Boris Johnson has won the leadership of the Conservative party recently .With  a divided Conservative party  and a divided United Kingdom over the Brexit issue, Johnson is adamant to deliver Brexit and leave the European Union (EU) by the deadline date  of 31st October, 2019. The new British PM is the MP for the constituency of Henley where many of his adversaries consider him as a bit of a “tête brulé”. Boris Johnson is today the 55th British PM of the UK.

The outcome of the British referendum vote in 2016 on the European Union (EU) transpired that about 52% voters wanted Britain out of EU whilst 48% wanted Britain to stay. However, Britain remains a member amid continued wrangling in a divided Parliament on how to proceed. Johnson led the said 2016 Brexit campaign and (after his predecessor Theresa May delayed Brexit twice) insists the latest deadline must be kept, with or without a deal with EU.

The new British Prime minister is a very controversial character, but still made his way to Prime ministership. He is a former journalist who had entered politics by default and yet still sure of himself. He is the most unforgettable character the people have met in a Boris Johnson who keeps changing his mind all the time over administrative and government topical issues.

As UK is today a divided country on the Brexit issue, can the new elected British PM unite the said country? I very much doubt it!  As a matter of fact, there is great dissention in his Conservative party over the Brexit issue of leaving the EU without a deal or with a soft deal.

Today the Conservative party is also as divided as UK on the issue of leaving or staying in the EU. We know that Johnson is a fervent supporter of Brexiteers and wants to leave the European Union (EU) without any deal. Of course, it won’t be that easy as Johnson will face an enormous challenge to unite a divided Conservative party as well as a divided UK. The question is:  Will he as new PM be the able to unite his own Conservative party over the Brexit issue? His intention is to deliver Brexit but that remains to be seen as this could lead to a deadlock in Parliament where article 50 could be in force which means cancelling Brexit as a whole.

On the other hand, British Parliament will face either a general confrontation or negotiation process over the EU problem. We could still have the probability of a vote of No Confidence by many British MPs in the House of Commons. There is also the possibility of snap general elections in a year time if the UK remains divided. Britain will face recession and the pound sterling could crash. Ten of thousands of British and other Europeans people under the aegis of EU will lose their jobs and UK will be on the brink of bankruptcy similar to what happened in Greece if Boris Johnson deliver Brexit with no deal.

It would also appear that the British will face lots of difficulties with Boris Johnson where UK could be isolated with lots of redundancies and jobs lost, where Scotland could disassociate itself from England as the Scottish people prefer to stay in the EU by all means. There is a danger that the new British PM, Boris Johnson could take UK to the slaughter house. I think in all fairness, UK needs to either stay in the EU or leave the EU with a strong deal.

Since Boris Johnson took over as the new PM of the UK he made it a duty to control immigration. Already , “The Guardian” a British  newspaper has announced in its issue of Sunday the 28th July 2019 that the British Government has put pressure on the 3000 Chagossians that reside in England mostly those who live in Crawley in West Sussex who hold British Passports to leave England otherwise they would be expelled and  deported to either Mauritius or Seychelles. Here is what The Guardian wrote: “Windrush Scandal Continues as Chagos Islanders are pressed to go back. British passport holders from the Chagos Islands are being systematically targeted in a ‘shameful’ attempt to have them removed from UK”. So the Chagossian Community are the first victims of the new British PM and his government. What next? Only time will tell!

   By Ahmad Macky