PRAY FOR THEM : “Israel ! Israel ! When will your thirst for Palestine blood end ? ‘’

Palestinians are not like us. They are from a different mental. They have dignity! They don’t succumb to temptations. Trump’s administration and the fascists from Israel will not succeed in taming the spirit of the Palestinians. Protests along the world most despicable fence in the Gaza strip have continued non-stop, every Friday, since the began on 30th March this Year.

Why do the Palestinians protest?

The Palestinians protests to demand their legitimate rights to their homes and land from where their families were expelled 70 years ago.

The ‘’ Jummah protests’’ also known as the great march of return reached a new dimension on 15th May 2018 to commemorate the Nakba of catastrophe. Why is it known as the Nakba or the catastrophe? It is to remember the brutal and gross international violation of the uprooting of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages to pave the way for the establishment of the state of Israel. Diego Diego Garcia is a BIS REPETITA years later…and the mass demonstrations have continued non-stop since the demonstrations are according to all independent Human Rights observers within ‘’a non-violent framework ’’ !.. and to every demonstration the Israelis have reacted disproportionately. Do you know how many the Israeli forces ( specially the hyper trained snippers) have killed or wounded since 30th March ?

  • The Israelis have killed not less than 174 Palestinians .
  • The Israelis have severely wounded more than 18,000 people including children.

On Friday 21st September 2018, the Israeli army said more than 15,000 people gathered at different locations along the world most despicable fence. The demonstrations were more aggressive than in the recent weeks. And according to the Gaza Health Ministry, a male Palestinian was killed. Killed by Israelis forces. Many others were wounded. And on Thursday the 20th September, the Gaza Health Ministry confirmed that a teenager was hit by special bullet fired by Israeli snipper in the east of Rafah, in the southern strip. The young marty is Mo’Men abouajayed aged 15. Where was Aboo Ajayed when he was fired deliberately in the head? Aboo was in one of the main  ‘’ right of return’’ encampments set up along the most despicable fence in the world with Israel and illegally built (in gross violation of International Law) by Israel to push or circle Palestinians in Banthoustans. Every two days a child is either maimed or killed. On Friday 7th Septemeber, only to emphasize the barbaric attitude of Israelis, a Palestinians teenager was killed by a sniper and more than 200 Palestinians were wounded includings 22 children. All the killings while the Trump’s administrative is trying ( and they will fail!) to force the Palestinians ( through force, fear, propaganda and drying of all sorts of funds) to renege their political and national aspirations and accept the ‘’carrots’’ of material and economic benefits. All those who follow the ‘’Palestinian cause’’ are asking what is the precise intention of the Trump’s administration ? The Americans want the Palestinians to become an appendix of the Israeli state. Trump is being true to his electoral speeches ; aligning US . Polices closer or exact replica with those of Nethanyahu. The Trump administration according to ‘’the Atlantic’’ dated 20th September 2018 must be given at least some credit…  ‘’ As in its relentless dogged assault against the foundations of traditional US and International policy, it has shown remarkable single-mindedness and sense of purpose’’… sense of purpose or sense of being loyal to the objectives of the Zionist.

And on Friday President Mahmoud Abbas has said that he was ready to resume true peace negotiations with Israel. Peace with dignity! Yes! But… ?!

Rama Valayden